Thursday, October 30, 2008

The NORMAN post


Norman says:

im having a musical by nex friday night 7th of november!
venue: sri kdu
tickets price: 50 ringgit
role playing: main lead
title: the prom musical
chereographed by kl drama team
and he laughed
"hahha HAHAH ahaha"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


*~* rie rie *~* says:
u stick meh? !
u normal kan..
L size?

- ω€ŋğ ħĩŊ - says:
i not stick la..i LOG ma
xD haha

*~* rie rie *~* says:
~dush @.@ e-oh-e-oh-eee (hospital)
bloggg !!
fyi : we argued about our SIZE for like 30 mins?
its officially 4.37am now..
what am I doing here!! !!!


anonymous says:
dressing up?

*~* rie rie *~* says:
yeah u?

anonymous says:
not sure if i should

*~* rie rie *~* says:

anonymous says:
how and how come

*~* rie rie *~* says:
cox we are ALL DRESSING UP ler

anonymous says:
lol okay i'll be a princess hahahahahaha

*~* rie rie *~* says:

~~~~~~~~~a moment of silence~~~~~~~~~~

*~* rie rie *~* says:

anonymous says:
please don't

*~* rie rie *~* says:
how and how come

anonymous says:
i don't have the indignity and the princess cloth

hahaha i can wear pink, k

*~* rie rie *~* says:

anonymous says:
just a shirt la! rofl !

TASK 4 : guess WHO is it!! HAHA!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I typed this in 3 minutes! WOW

For my darling Wong Kit Yeng's sake..I'm updating my blog now!
awww *hugs*! Gam tung anot !!! HAHAH!

Life is okay la..getting better day by day with fewer and fewer assignments!
But the main ones abit kantoi lah me..
Currently working on my Design Theory's research paper on the Phenomenology of Architecture and its not as good as what I thought it would be. With the title Perceptions in Architecture : An Analysis on the Idea of a "Home", I'm not really sure if I'm writing around my points. Everything seems to fall apart as I continue on with my research. Having told to reevaluate my research, rethink of my scope, restructure my entire essay makes me feel sicker by the day. That is why I keep procrastinating and lazing around; not forgetting EATING SLEEPING and SHITTING only! Life is definitely crazy! Especially in this month of november where all the important stuffs need to be done at this time and NOW! But sometimes I just feel like relaxing and having a day off = NOT THINKING OF STUDIES AND HOW I WILL FAIL BADLY. Believing that things would seem right after all seems to be quite an optimistic thought. Yeah, life's like this and yeah, I'm trying to accept the fact that getting all A's is not the MOST important thing in my life after all.

xoxo author

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my blog berkarat edi!!!
aiyoh ehh
reminder : Ist november yah people! xD

Monday, October 13, 2008

IBS site visit!!

Interior Behavioral Studies Site Visit !
The Church of Guadalupe pUCHONG!!


so blur oh ~~

kena JADOU by low lai ming!!!

Chan-tel-le drew this oh!

Singapore trip!

11th -14th of September !
Me . aiman . mabel . krystal . shibi . stacie . chantelle . lei-ling . rebecca . rynn . felix . douglas . ki jun . zhen yang . lai ming . kim jung sung . jonathan . harry . nanas .

we had damn lotsa fun! xD