Friday, January 30, 2009

my super grandma

mahjong time.. aiyor.. 3 kaki play lar..
my GRANDMA, my dad and my uncle..aiyor..
uncle: tell u FIRST ar..(directed to my grandma)..CANNOT SCOLD ME if i lambat or what har..
dad: hehehehehe
grandma: lu cakap banyak banyak..DUDUK dan MAIN LAR..cakap cakap..
~~~ yeah..biasa converse in BAHASA one.. ahhaha weird family man~
1st round.. dad won..
dad: hehehe!! ~ "sek wu!" (game!)
grandma: sek meh sek!! SEK SI LAR! (eat what eat..NO MARKS where can eat!! duno how 2 eat then DONT shit lar !!!) *pening shit..damn lol ok*
sek ZHA wu lar!! duno how 2 main ar...1st time play arr..!!! pay mani pay mani!! (dia pronounce money~ MA-NI) lol lo!
~~~~ duno why...whoever win oso must pay her money one..HAHAHA! LOL LO
2nd round win oso
dad: hehehe..LAUGH ONLY! lol..(win so banyak edi..sweating pulak..) lol
grandma: siu meh siu! hou siu meh!! EM ZHUN SIU!!! (laugh what laugh..very funny ah..cannot laugh!!!!)
wow..lose oso scold..SLOW oso scold..WIN also scold..aiyo..
dad n uncle: apa macam lar..(pening d)
dad won 5 rounds consecutively..
grandma pissed edi...din win so much..hahahahaha
uncle: (while counting his marks at one game .....
he BLUR edi..duno how 2 count oh..)
grandma: (looked at him..) "kam yung yi ke sou dou em sek kai ah?" haiyohrr (SO EASY PUNYA MATHS LU PUN TAK TAU KIRA AR?)
uncle pening edi kena scolding from mother.. hahaha!!!!!!!!
(the whole family~~ "DUSH...ALL FAINTED D..)
in reality when she's not playing mahjong..she'll ask us.."eh..1 bottle hor..rm 4!
2 bottle how much ar?" grandma's a super grandma in MATHS only when shes playing mahjong....damn ja dou wei!!!


CNY CNY CNY CNY!! hahaha!!
I ATE AND ATE AND ATE ..aiyoyo..sometimes..being too greedy or being the BANDARAYA in the house cause you're somewhat the youngest is NOT a good thing lor..
ALTHOUGH.... (i got a lot of nasi to eat...butt)
I GOT SICK ON THE 4TH DAY..yohhh! but still can eat xD
yala too much drink TOO LITTLE fault larr..
no voice only...T_T haih..nvm lar..sexay right! ahahah!
went 4 SAKAE SUSHI today...wasabi's TOO TEMPTING..yeah..i makan lah of couse xD
then..karaoke some voice box habis edi lar..haha
~the best food on earth so far~
lol? what am I crapping ??? -.-
yeah..should take Douglas's advice..~ change my name to maRICE lar..
LAME !! oh no!!
kityeng woke me up usual lar..went to pick her up and we headed back to our highschool..AWWW..
~im so proud..~ lalala!
to collect our SPM result slip..blah..after 9 months only their printer got ink to print out the original slip for us...LOL!! we went up to the 4th floor where our classes are..
5Angsana, Beringin, Cendana, Damar n Gaharu xD
how we love our corridor!! and the RUANG LEGAR where we use to have birthday bashes !!
guys..still remember? "EVERYDAY'S BRIAN'S BIRTHDAY!!!" hahahaah!!
lame larr wei! omg..i've been lame since HIGHSCHOOL??
that's not a good sign man..HAHA!
the ppl who went today was...
me, kit yeng, yuen cheng, wai mun, wee kiat, win loon, fah keen, chai jian, mun fai, chun sien, ping kee, ping kee's boyfriend khristie, sook mian, rafidah, sunantha, kar shin, soo wen, swee ying, yee hang, kum hon, choon ting, denise, ji yang!! SO COOL right!! haha
and we met PAPA BEAR and Mr. Fuad! haaha! xD
after that we ZOOOM-ed to pavilion terus..i was in fah keen's car and we sent sookmian back to her dad's shop first at PUTERI PARK !! er.."tai zhi yuin" haha
den zoomed to pavvy~ met up with the 10 of them~ (the 1st 10 names on top excluding mine n FK's one) at SAKAE! 2 tables lar..6 -6 ppl.. my table ar..ada wee kiat (bising aje), wai mun, chai jian, ping kee and khristie~ i ordered salmon don! when it came right...
MARIE HAD THE SHOCK OF HER LIFE...the rice SOOOO SIKIT i tell u!...seriously..can barely fill a quarter of my stomach..haih.. the owner of sakae sushi sure chinese one lar...kedekut sial lor.. i was like..."T________T" in tears d.. haih..takpe lar..after that ..CHAI JIAN'S something don came..yor..she got RICE (of cox lah silly me..she ordered "DON" i looked at her..then down at her rice..she was like...
"MARIE U GO AWAY!!" ahahah!! lame shyt lor..
kesian me ok!
after a while later.. we changed 2 a larger seating area..all 12 of us~ =D mar..sit closer lar..i REALLY X TAHAN EDI...ordered an unagi california roll...aww..
puas puas..oklar..half full edi lar.. a SECOND AFTER i finish...our 2 party sushi sets arrived !!
COOLNESS!! haha!
we ate and ate and ate..and according to win loon : i don't pick sushi based on the toppings..i pick whichever which has MORE RICE at the bottom lor..hahah!! so lame lor..but i guess so..partly true only k! hahaah!
we went straight to GREEN BOX~ the 10 of us kee n her bf went dating..haha! ooohh
joke of the day: i told my dad we went 4 karaoke just now lar..
dad: where u went ar just now? shopping ar? everyday know how 2 shopping only lar.!!!
me: nolar..went 4 karaoke only..
dad: eh? neway? or redbox?
me: greenbox lar..redbox mana ada d..
dad: mar? dunhave ar? ..(calling my mom) next time we go SING K LOR! hehe
mom: ok lar..go where?
dad: go..redbox!!
me: tell u 100 times edi..ITS GREENBOX LARRR DADDY..
dad: no no..we go.....blackbox!!
me: apa tu?
dad: dowan ar??? really dowan ar??? then we go to BIG BOX lar!
me: har?
dad: wah..u black box duno BIG BOX oso duno..haiya..apa lah lu..
me: u lah apa..dun make sense oso? where got big box one..
dad: not funny meh? i make one lor that joke..LAUGH ARRR!!! hhahah(the sound of him laughing himself for a whole 1 minute) ...
me: (stare at him lamely) not funny lor..
dad: not funny meh? funny lor..
er.. is it true? HAHA! sorry lar..annoying right? xDD
i got his genes! oh no!!
aww...i want to dedicate this post to my lame lame lame ..(ok not lame)
Happy Sweet 19th BIRTHDAY girlfriend!!! ~~
*hugs* *kisses* *hugs again!!* *more kissesss!!!*
*i can still go on! but mom bugging me!!*
*more more more hugs from me and my mom..!*
*ok..tmr for yr birthday opening ceremony i'll blast u with lame jokes*~~
*HUGSS!!!!* *Lots of LOVE!!*
p/s: DUN SO GARANG AR.. (When u talk 2 the karaoke guy..)scary man..remember our challenge..if so garang hor..later cannot find _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ how??!! u fill in the blanks sendiri lar..hahaah! xD
ps we love u very much~

Saturday, January 24, 2009

KL PAC's open Day!!

This is SoOO cool!!!! (we pulled Mr. Kid in too!! ) haha
KiJun the chinaman
Rynn the Mexican lady
Felix is so SHOCKED cox..
Stacie has HAIR!! haha
Marie the candy gurl
Mr Kid the lecturer! xD
i look so short!! (i need more MILK!!) -.-
LAME JOKE.. how to turn milk into cheese? HAHA! don't know leh..
put a cup of milk on the table....and take out yr camera....
THEN say "CHEESEEEE!!" (snap**!) ~~ HAHA! super lame (credits to my super lame senior ~ Kai Ri!) ~ yeah..her name rhymes with curry! ahah!

Us with our installation! This is definitely not the only guys who did the entire installation man!!
There are almost 20 more! hahaha!!!! and we completed it in just 3 days!!! WOW!!

felix looking at hot girls? hahaha nola..hes just looking at the hot sun..-.-

Another installation by the Degree students! =D it is made up of straws!! omg! col rite!!

JUMP ppl!!

1ST time feeling tall among them..hahaha!
p/s: look at Jon's pose.. hahahha! so cute!! >.<

i just love the green and would be my theme for my new house's living room!!!!

say hi to JEE YEONG! haha! he's the one who did the straw installation thing! =D

reminds me of fishballs ~

OUR ping pong ball installation! awwww....we're just SO PROUD that KL PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE is willing to leave the installation there for another month!!
how cool is that man!

its seemed like hes chasing a bus or something..HAHA

lin lin ~!

people stopping by and look! omg! thats AWESOME!!

floating fishballs!!

jon's so FUNNY!!

random shots of a little girl sitting at a platform outside the toilet! haha!

Priceless Expressions

can u spot the snake? HAHAHAHAHAHAH
and the monkey....

PussyCatDolls? HAHA!! xD


really PRICELESS LAR this this! comes the PERASAN BOY !!! HAHAHAHAHA!!
nice shot for carlsberg though..

another set of installation by the seniors!! the "WIND CHIMES" haha!
p/s: did he spoil the picture? HAAHa!! no comment man~

1st installation : the straws
2nd installation : (down) wind chimes
3rd and final installation : the sea of balls!! (done by us =D )!!


him again..haih! HAAHAH!

the band who played a JAY CHOU song!! awww...
i know its dedicated to me (cries **!)

This is sooo CUTE! my favourite fruit ! aww!!!

yeah keeps shit coming!!!! HAHAHAHA! (its good for constipation though! >.<)

the straw installation is AMAZINGly AWESOME from every perspective!

aww..lai ming had to head home to meet her sister ...yeah..left at about 2pm that day T_T

so the drama lor
is the NEGARA-KU song playing anywhere? HAHA!

the lame ZYang and babi Chi Ming! hahaha!

marie is actually doing the same exact pose at him...LOL!!!
i took his picture and HE TOOK MINE! AHAHAHAH! SO LAME LOR!!!

Ki Jun wearing his favourite green tea colour!

Aiman the PBAO CHOI! hahaha!!!

this picture is much nicer though ...i like it this way~

sleeping or what? HAHA!

MY (or rather OURS **ahem..u know who la**) FAVOURITE LECTURER!!
MR. HONG! ~cheers!! candids! ##

is he taking my picture? HAAHAH! (ohkayy..woi!! stop perasan-ning!!)!!!

the boys!! felix so faarnie lar!

nah..this is LI QUN a.k.a. REIN-ass? (according to his lame friend called aaron chew..) HAHAAH! Hes the one who designed the floating balls installation!!!
we're so glad that we helped out! xD and DO WE HAVE INSURANCE FOR BURNT SKIN?
T_________T! was worth the burns! and the 2 tone skin colour ! and the heat!! and........ i could go on..HAHA but.. it was soooooooooooo fun!! got our 1st 10% (if Li Qun Mr Hong gives us all full marks!) for our STUDIO 1 subject! =DD
HI pbao choi....yeah..he asks us 2 call him cabbage..LOL! IN CANTONESE!!
click to enlarge!! haahah!
**The Perception of Performing Arts**~ yeah man! !!!
the installation board!! hahaahh!!
OUR NAMES!! (awww!!!!)
Special Thanks to Taylors College Diploma Students who gave extraordinary effort and sacrificed much time to help, and even more special thanks to
Stacie, Felix, KiJun, MARIE (claps! xD), ZhiYing, Rynn, Justin, Jonathan, Jason, PuiCheng, Siti Aiman, Douglas, **LaiMENG** (typo giler! haha!), ZheWei, FionaTen, ChongChen, YuanLu (rynn and yuanlu is actually the same girl) HAHA!, Rebecca, Chantelle, Lei-Ling, MeganLai, SuYiean, Daphne, WaiSie, HueiLiq, WenHarn, Benny, XingYi, Aaron, Gordon, Sherman, ChoongWai and AMAN from semester 1 (yeah..its the pbao choi..Aiman : eh! why he named me "peace" aman= peace..LOLnyer)!!

look at the cool contour !

lai ming merajuk cox LIQUN spelled her name wrongly T_T!

the malay dance at KLPAC!