Saturday, May 31, 2008


I never had my parents fetchin me home from lrts that often..
I never would have want them to fly back from the office just to pick me up..
I never really called them to make sure I'm safe because its already become my usual routine..goin to and back myself everytime..
I never once scared of the people..
I never take risks as in I will run if i had to..
I never thought that things would change in just a matter of hours..

Just to let you know..i walked back from the lrt alone again today at around 545pm..
and "it" happened at 830pm..

Strating now..

I will never take lrt home alone..
I will never walk from my house to the lrt station alone..
I will never walk from the lrt back to my house alone..
I will never walk anywhere around my neighbourhood alone..
Even walking with friends I shall never again..
I will never walk to the barber shop anymore..
I will never walk to the stationery shop anymore..
I will never jog round my neighbourhood anymore..
I will never walk to the basketball court anymore..
I will never walk my dog anymore ALONE..(yes..if its with my parents!)
I will never be outside of my house..standing there chatting with my neighbours again..
I will never even want to step out of my house alone again..
I will never walk to the shops just around the corner of my house again..
I will never walk to mamak alone anymore..
I will never not lock my door again..
I will never leave my dog tied up again..
I will never forget to misplace my neighbours phone numbers again..
I will never be quiet if I heard screams of sorrows..
I will never not shout my heart out "tolong" if something like this happens again..


A day before this tragedy..this morning la..i was aware of robberies and snatch thefts around my area and that it is "okay" to walk ..just that u have to walk faster
And be careful of your surroundings
If something is wrong u should RUN..
If you see the same guy everyday when u walk to or from the lrt back home, there IS A PROBLEM..!

If you know someone's stalking you..
1st thing : turn and stare at him..give him yr worst look..STARE at him in the eye as if you're a hungry lioness!

2nd thing : walk near the busy shops..and just say hi to the people..!
Or walk to an occupied house and start a convo with the people..
Don't be shy to tell them someone's following you..they will certainly let you in for shelter if you need help or the situation got worse..

3rd : It is best to call yr parents and hopefully pick you up from lrt stations..
Please don't walk SO terrified now..

symbols ~
my hse number = (9) !!
neighbour 1 : no. (7)
neighbour 2 : no (5)..
neighbour 3 (further up) : no. (35)..

a day before..(7) went back 2 hometown = sister and her kids stay to jaga the house.!

(7)'s sis went out to dinner!

i went out to dinner..

i came back..
(7)'s sis terrified..waited for us 2 arrive home..
told us that she suspect her house was been broken in to..
her kids n maid secured in her car..
we dare not go in..(7)'s sis reported the incident..
i called for the neighbours..and everyone with their KAYUs..
we were gathering around..about 30 of us..
the guys went in to see the breakage and that everything is alright..
just to make sure the pencuri is not in the hse anymore..
kids..taken into my hse..TV time! KIM POSSIBLE!
we surveyed the entire he broke in..through where..what he used to cut off the grills.. the damage they did to the house..
and yeah..i was the photographer of the night! haha!
i wonder..we wonder..the duration was an hour..

his to-do-list

1. jump in..
2. cut off the grills..(they're me) its senget-ed edi now..
3. din break th pad lock..instead broke the inner grill lock..
4. broke the wooden door..
5. geledah EVERY ROOM..
6. every corner of the house was ransacked and turned around..
and its not exactly a small double-storey house..
7. jewelleries and expensive items were all taken..
8. carried the 21'' TV from upstairs..n a few computers down..
9. Loaded them onto their cars..not sure of the number..
10. Managed to get away unnoticed????? i mean WHAT?? in a matter of the mere 60 minutes?

IN CASE THE ROBBER DROPS BY..OMGGGGG the opening to the hollow area of the ceiling is in my soooOO NOT SLEEPING THERE 2NITE!

9.45 pm
i saw shoe marks of ppl climbing from (7) to (5)..
i told my dad..n we went to see if (5) was attacked too.!
their front gate wasn't locked..
their grill's pad lock was missing..but the gate inside was we thought that nothing happened..bsides..they were out to dinner too..and neither anyone had their hp number..
only house thought only (7) was attacked..

i really want to go to the police office and drive one of their officers to my area..!
too bad i cant drive yet..but..MALAYSIAN POLICES ARE NOT EFFICIENT AT ALL..
the 1 thing i learnt from Malaysian Studies

"the inspiration of the government and aspiration of our nation towards a more developed society..!"

It is obvious that the uttermost aspiration that us PEOPLE has for the gov is a secured nation..
thats that SO HARD?? oh yeah..its hard..

if its not hard?? why even after 20 minutes..the police still haven arrived yet?
and why are they taking so long when the station is just in cheras..
my mom (anxious) called the police beginning 2 hate the attitudes of some of them..

the 1st call by (7)'s sis : rumah saya baru dirompak dan kami suspek perompak masih di dalam! tolong hantar polis secepet mungkin! kami mungkin dalam bahaya krn neighbour banyak kids..takut nanti kena serang!

mom : ei encik belum sampai lagi? taman mulia indah ..jalan 21/117A..tahu jalan tak? sesat ker?? kenape lama sangat ni??

police : oh..sekarang pergi pam petrol dulu ok..kejap lagi lah datang..

me : BULLSHIT LAH..THAT IS SUCH A BAD EXCUSE FOR BEING LAZY..i shouted at him on the phone before my mom hung up..

its like after we prepare a RED CARPET for them..then only they come..

come already then do what?? the pakciks told them they suspect the robber hid on top of the ceiling..they knew bcause they saw fingerprints on top of the ceiling! so like CSI! HAHAHA!

and the particular police totally freaked out and called for enforcement..when all he need to do is just go up and take a can call for enforcement..but he dare not even go upstairs..! what a coward..

yeah..all 2gether there are 4 officers now..checked the roof..nothing..yeah..the robber's gone..
everyone were so concerned about what stopped by and there goes a melee of people gathering in front of the scene..chatting ...oh ya..(7) came back from hometown and got shocked..nah..not their 1st..

me..leaning against my neighbours car..chatting with a friend (VI boy) who lived in house no.1 till shows over..

12.00 am
shows finally over! hahaha!
everyone back to their homes..
me msn dad study4 exam HAHAHAH mom reading papers..

12.30 am
heard motorbike sounds.. mom hates it..hates it hates it! wanting 2 open the door n shout at them..when we heard LOUD TERRIFYING SCREAMS of kids..
so i went out 2 my dun let me go out case anything happens..
they might have a gun u noe..
i reached for the umbrella..screamed at my other neighbours for help..and a melee of ppl with their kayu's came..while the 2 motors drove away instantly..
all of us gathered outside..
phoned the police again..
this time was quite fast..

12.40 am
after the robbery in (7), the people of (7) and (5) were talking at the porch area while (7) tries to fix their lock..(3) saw the motors..and just to make sure of safety..he went down..along with his son n daughter of 13 n talk with (7) and (5)
just then 2 motors of 4 ppl..snatched the 15 year old girl with parang! n the boy also..
they jerit till WAHHHH...all the kids in my area screamed along..!! wow..!
that was SCARY..nasib the girl okay..just a lil bruises here n there..

Thank God for protection over my house and my neighbours..
The world is not safe! REMEMBER THAT !
like me last suPERGIRL only..walk to lrt n home everyday pulak!
STEAMBOAT pictures people! ahahah !
here comes win loon! trying his best 2 camwhore but leh..ter-TOOK me n kys pic! HAHAHAHAHHA !
the candids !
me..kit yeng ..sook mian..wai mun leh? oi!! who took this pic one harrr!!!
wee kiat..jun yuen n braaaa-brian
the EW EW EWWWWW STUFFFFS of porridge + meehoon + eggs + vege! WAAAAAA (only NEOH LIKES IT)! hahah!
i tried some..since everyone was like..EWWW NOHHH!!
hahahah it was disgusting horrible terrible vegetable ewww!
can still feel the uncooked EGG WHITE!! OMGGGG! what a least its the end edi..
Pavilion with kityeng denise sookmian winloon n fah keen! hahahaha

denise : ohh..LETS DO LALA POSE!!! with shoe! hehe!!

neh neh neh..hers the paling PINK one ! ahahaha!!!!!!!!!

another LALA POSE !! eh the star got movement eh..!! like its dancing! xDDD

my fingers..! guessss!!yalah..the end right one...with my brown wooden bangle..

we camwhored FROM BELOWWWWWWWW!!! WOWWW!!!
not yr average lala-cawhore-from-the-top CAMWHORE!
nasib denise din hold her cam further below..if not...JAU KONG AHH! hahaha!!
eh..jau kong = run light ! ok nvm..only my type of friends will understan me..


this is food..yeah food..what edi ah???? Chicken hor..sook mian n denise ordered the same!!
wahhh ching lui tou chan ah...! xD less meh..!! noooooh
can u spot my unagi?? AHHAHAAH! cant resist..a must have "peace" in all of it!
the next ching lui tou chan of win loon n fah! hahahah!
kit yeng's tempura set! hahahaha! eh..her tempura's MISSING!!! SHE MUST HAVE EATEN THEM!! OH NO!
i did not finish my such a bad girl..i waste food sick saddddd! the rice sacrificed for me..n i didn't even finish it??
alah..what lah..this one 2nd helping edi! hahaha
ATTENTION HUMANS : marie should take up the course which do penyelidikan on "how to grow more PADI in a shorter time"
Marie's Plans at the end of May 2008 = aim to increase paddy population to a 178% of the production now..
(the figure is random so dun ask me why ok!) :D
camwhore 1 : left

camwhore 2 : right

camwhore 3 : OMG..there are 3 of us! camwhore 3 ..then 3 of us..ahha er..nvm..

kit yeng went home edi! ishh!! denise..sookmian n me.!

denise n me ..can u believe it..she looks so SO SO i mean SOOOO INNNOCENT dy..

hahahaahaha in short..sang seng edi..but still so gila! hahaha !! "sat nai nai" LAME DOU

denise sat on it..the poor dog..i scold denise 4 u ok...!! ahahaha

denise ah...see the dog's expression!!! like so sad lohh...!!

did i see MANGO anywhere?? or is it oMAGO? its in fah keen's car! cute!!

fah keen : not i put one lahh!!! my mom!! heheheheh

inner rock chick

1. What are you most likely to wear on a typical day?
A slinky spaghetti strap dress or mini skirt with boots
A cute little top that shows off your flat stomach, with comfortable jeans.
Basic t-shirts, tank tops, and pants in dark colors.
A bohemain looking top with a preppy skirt - or a hippie skirt with a preppy top. You mix things up.
Comfy dark pants, a t-shirt, and some accessories like funky braclets or your boyfriend's tie.
A gothy corset top with a skirt
Cowboy boots, cut offs and a simple t-shirt or tank top.
A flashy or sporty top that could pass for a bra and jeans. With plenty of punk accessories, like fingerless gloves.

2. Your ideal hairstyle is:
Simple, parted down the middle. Natural color.
Dyed jet black and long
Bombshell platnium blonde - sometimes done up glamourously
Short. Long. Boyish. Girly. Straight. Curly. You've had them all!
Layered, wild, and dyed dark
Basic wash and wear - though you've experimented with color a little
Depends. Anything from a shaved head to braids appeals to you.
Short and sassy - and you're not afraid to dye it wacky color

3. Your man compares you to his ex - unfavorably. How do you react?
You wish for a simpler time - then compare your man unfavorably to *your* ex
You spend all day in your bedroom crying, waiting for him to call and apologize
You freak out, scream, punch, ride your motorcycle real fast... you behave badly until you feel better.
You can't help but wonder if dating a woman would be better than this
You shrug, break up with your guy, and find yourself a cute younger guy to use and abuse
You wallow in pain and darkness - and hit Hot Topic for some clothes to match your mood
You stomp away and hook up with one of your cute guy friends
You shake your head and realize that this guy is not strong enough to be your man

4. You're best described as:

Down to earth

5. Which artists do you like the best?
Michelle Branch, Fefe Dobson, Kelly Clarkson
Counting Crows, Sarah McLachlan, Sting
Maroon 5, Good Charlotte, Alanis Morissette
Fountains Of Wayne, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jewel
Tori Amos, Norah Jones, Indigo Girls
Nickelback, Dido, Coldplay
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink 182, Garbage
Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Nelly Furtado

6. What's your outlook on love?
You'll be the perfect girlfriend - you just need the perfect guy
You don't need a fairy tale - you just want something real
You've been used in the past, and now it's time for you to have some fun
Sometimes a "mistake" can end up being the best thing for you
Love is never simple - though you wish it were
You're not looking for money - you're looking for true love
Shamelessly go for what you want
Love lasts forever, no matter what

7. What are you most likely to sing?
And I use my dress / To wipe up my drink / I care less and less / What people think
Isn't anyone tryin to find me? / Won't somebody come take me home
Got stains on my t-shirt and I'm the biggest flirt
Just take off my dress / Let's mess with everybody's mind
If you bore me then I'm comfortable / If you interest me I'm scared
Now I see the world as a candy store / With a cigarette smile, saying things you can't ignore
Took your car / Drove to Texas / Sorry, honey
50 thousand tears I've cried / Screaming Deceiving and Bleeding for you

You Are Pink!

Tough. Sexy. Tough. Soulful. Tough.
Guys are both attracted and scared of you.

hidden meaning?

What Marie Jacqueline Tan G-Ming

You are confident, self assured, and capable.
You are not easily intimidated.
You master any and all skills easily.
You don't have to work hard for what you want.
You make your life out to be exactly how you want it. And you'll knock down anyone who gets in your way!
You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic "Type A" personality.
You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel.
You're always up to something.You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you.
You're very intense.
You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.
You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.
You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly.
You don't stick with any one thing for very long.
You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.
Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.
You are friendly, charming, and warm.
You get along with almost everyone.
You work hard not to rock the boat.
Your easy going attitude brings people together. At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.
You are fair, honest, and logical.
You are a natural leader, and people respect you.
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You tend to analyze every aspect of your life.

(got this from joanna!) haha!

Friday, May 30, 2008

something of london

I know u guys wanna see pictures right!!
Since I'm still not able to produce something of London..

hahhah..thought I'll just upload my sketch scenes of it..
done quite cincai-ly.. around 10 minutes time mah..
was only able to sketch for the 1st 4 days..after that ah..malas edi! HAHAHAH !

and yeah..the date and time are wrong too ! :D

met rachel !!! hahah!!

What i've been doing with mabel in college this morning! hahaha !
added mount kinabalu..rafflesia n the
supposed 2 be individual but this is
so the plan is
I DRAW MABEL PAINT ! and we'll split the money!
OMG!! RM3000 if we win 1st place..oklah..think of the worst..
rm300 consolation also not bad right!
must always strive for the best although the end product might not
be as good as those PRO artists..! xD
(thats if we win la! HAHAHAH)

medium used : felt tip pen! trademark edi hahaha

mabel's trademark LOOK! :D
shes on FIREEEE !!
maybe hungry je la ! hahaha ! we ate PAN MEE!!!
wow..thats A BIG BOWL..if i mean big..yeah..believe it its HUGEEE
Rachel n me !! hahahaah she's in Kuala Selangor by now!! xD
camwhoring while waiting 4 her friends n the bus 2 arrive!
Jason n me ! Both sitting outside KL Sentral's Coffee Bean! haha
and crapping A-L-O-T bout FOOD hahaha! !! (my fav topic)!
tiba tiba only met him! cool man!

The night has come!
As usual..hanging out with my gang! (Gonna grab pictures of half-porridge-half-tomyam-half-normal STEAMBOAT from win loon and kit yeng soon) :D
after than ZOOOOOOM-edd! to our usual hang-out..
PUN SAN mamak !
hahahaha! we definitely had a grr8 time!
Thanks kit yeng's mom
for fetching us to KHENG'S BABI bak kut teh restaurant
Thanks wee kiat
for fetching both of us 2 Pandan Indah Steamboat restaurant
Thanks Ji Yang
for fetching me sookmian kityeng neoh 2 punsan
Thanks wee kiat again
for fetching me n kit yeng 2 her house
Thanks kit yeng's mom
for fetching me back home!
i love u all
(this goes to everyone present today and not present today)

Ps : Please ignore the date n time coz its FAKE.. haha !

sunway pyramid with college buddies!

Thank goodness its THURSDAY! hahaha!
everyone was like..KOPITIAM!!! er..sorry..lets do it again..OLDTOWN!!!
and yeah stacie's crying tears of joy because of the chocolates i bought for them (shes holding it! haha) sweet !

is it peanut butter toast? aiman's fav !
ice cream toast?? stacie's !!
me? hahahhaha nasi lemak ayam rendang!! totally LOVe it much!!
isn't the day just perfect for a haircut?
--> ki jun wanting a stacie-hairstyle-thing! he did ! n yeah got rid of his cute little fringe...
awwww..we're so gonna miss that!

doubting about the hair cut thing..

went passed SOOO many barber shops! XCut YCUt ZCut! ..and i took them for 1 round around the makan area!! HAHAHA ! does that made u guys happier?? i doubt..but nvm!! lets continue!! xD

settled for GDO !


whats this!! its supposed to be KI JUN and STACIE'S moment! haha

what we do when no one's looking!!

eh stacie..u still have a long journey ahead of you!! hahaha! cute pic oh!

love the proportion of her real n through the mirror !

CHEESE for the camera darling!

side pose side pose !

it looks awesome

yes you too ! :D ps : cute eyes!!!

BEFORE (haha camwhore puas puas with previous hair 1st !!)

AFTER (confident dy!)

movie time!! and yeah..FYI every cinema has a free seat...and that depends on how lucky u are to actually get that..WOW...! WE ROCK THE HOUSE..!

7 of us went 2 aiman stacie kijun douglas shibi n chris !
5 of us had our student IDs (rm8) but not shibi n chris (rm10)
total rm52.. does this make sense..?
yeah u mind cant comprehend the total price n what we SHOULD be paying..
so i paid rm52 loh..since it appeared in the "Rm 52..thank you ..enjoy yr show" screen !
then later we REALIZED!! n we asked him much each of us had to pay...
and he selamber-lyy replied..
oh.."u lima orang rm8 seorang!..2 orang lagi tu rm10 seorang!"
then..we said our thank you and..heheheheh RANNNNNNNNNNNNN!!
hahahaha! laughing our hearts out...couldnt logically think of the RM 0.00 THING..!!
cox its all computerised ...!! wow..
maybe its just our luck!
Candid pictures oh!!

aiman..u certainly glow..!

"What happened in Vegas" was okay..hhahaha..aiman slept during the 1st part!!

the day before..we were watching

"Howl and his moving castle!" in shibi's hse and ki jun slept ! XD