Monday, June 29, 2009


Marcus says:
I just noticed that I'm very fat.
My tummy like few layers lor..
Sakit hati.

rie rie weeee! says:
like kent n kit d?

Marcus says:
p/s: nasib brian's not here now..if not he'll sure EMO one lor..hahaah!!!
i wonder how is he doing now....kinda miss bra lar..T______________T come back !! haha!



and btw..marcus started it 1st lor! because i couldn't remember their cars..

Marcus says:
What car does KarKit drives?

rie rie weeee! says:

he likes kit kats? ok..stupid question!

Marcus says:

rie rie weeee! says:
KAR kit drives a KAR lar..!

Marcus says:
You just sat the other day ok.!

LOL. KenARi la.

rie rie weeee! says:
oh ya hor
KENT should drive a KEN-ari

Marcus says:

Lameness. (im gonna die SOON!)

rie rie weeee! says:
and MARCus drives a MERC-edes
and owns marc jacobS
WAH (err..nola mustahil punya benda! )

Marcus says:
Ohh, now cannot la if I own that company?
Okay wat you, got MARIE biscutts.

and own a biscuit shop! can EAT WORRR!!

In conclusion, they all drive nice cars and me? BISCUIT car? oh oh i know!! the roti-man punya motor that sells biskut kepada budak budak kecil di sekolah sekolah rendah?!! haahha!! er..yer...i want a carrrrrrrrrr....

fine la..ill go finish my driving classes only talk hor? HAHA!

Friday, June 19, 2009


A whole bunch of us went 2 PASTA ZANMAI @ sunway to celebrate Douggi's bday yesterday! haha!
me..rynn..megan..stacie..douglas..kijun..felix..jon..zhen yang..kee tat..jun win (hes 21 too! HAAHA!)..nikki (my mom's name! HAHAH LAME)! he's douglas's friend la swt!! lihui..rash..rachel!!!(she came back!!! ahahha! still so tall lo..!!) jealous arrrrr! ..and sean (rachel's matsalleh-looking-high school friend! really one! he looks mixed lor!)
and as usual la..we were SO LOUD..everyone's looking! but who cares kan! hahaha! so funny lor..! we got doug a pink feathered scarf thing! (the one you put on if youre a datin going to a dinner thing) HAHA so cutee oh..and ....
did u read me? its PINK! n he likes it! i think? HAHA!!
SO CUTE WEI! (wait till najat sees the pictures...douglassssss runnn for yr life!!!! !)
but yeah..we got him a pair of black shoes! aww..nice lor..! suits him fits him!
=D yay!
and yeah..shoelaces are it for yr next birthday! ahha! (p/s: its a slip in shoe la..takde shoelace one...!AHAHAH! but it was designed with artificial holes or is it real holes? haha LOL!!!)
and they went for LEFT FOR DEAD after dinner XD
i gotta balik cause of driving class the next day! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! cool lo..i drove so fast! ahhaa! xDD wee...later the auntie kena stroke wei aa! choi!!! touch wood ! /! (no no..touch timber sounds cooler?)
and today..he's officially 21..

(yesterday's left for dead game)

ocaender says:
i name the zombie marie
and we killed it
for doing the organic run!

rie rie weeee! says:
hahaha lameee wei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im gonna blog this..u wait!

ocaender says:
i will

rie rie weeee! says:
slap u
i revive-kan the douglas-hong post then u know

(if u guys wanna know..i wouldnt mind showing..just pm me! HAHAHAH!)
kiddin la xDDDD

ocaender says:
slap u

rie rie weeee! says:
u slap me oso no sound one

ocaender says:

oh ya..i forgot to mention....@ pasta zanmai yesterday.....
I HAD RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
be jealous people!
hehe! bye!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

what's happiness?

is the heart split wide open, in a good way.
the many emotions, be it hunger, joy, sharing, loneliness.
makes me smile, yet it makes me cry,
watching them smile at the world,
when the world ain't smiling back at them,
who are we to them?
hope? love? protection? support?
I wonder.

And now,
Let me tell their story, that no one else can hear.
A story left behind, which no one seems to care.
I can someone's laughter,
brings me close to tears?
And you and me, we'll never know.
Cause we're never there.
After what we're seen, can we close our eyes again?
I wonder.
So, let me tell their story, that you won't think its true.
I have not forgotten, so I'm sharing it with you.
For all the things we know, what have we really learned?
Though i close my eyes, these images remain.
And their story, begins again.

Friday, June 5, 2009

i hate renderings arrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im still at college arrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and its 5.33 am!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my primary school gathering!

and here's my primary school friends...HAHAHAHAHA!!
13 years of friendship d okay!!! dont play play! xD
from SKBTR 2 ---------> SKTM 2 ----------> SMK......(and that's where we all seperated )..WAHAHHAH but so what..theyre still my good friends! haha!
haih..whatever gathering bla bla also i plan one....teruk rite!! the guys should plan lor! okok..whateverr.....soooo....the ppl who went wasssssss...
me....duh!!, auyong, tony, jasondoss, tanjason, kokpeng, ebenezer, chris and david!! weeee!
too bad edward, sharon, weisuet n jeff couldn't make it T____T
why am i always the only girl in the dai kar jie only! LOLLLLLL!!
nvm lar..they dont take me as a girl anyway..maybe its because im too ganas or so..omggg..
nooooooooooooooo i SHALL change! haha!
and yeah...after a whole day at midvalley... we went to "FAN OKAY" restraurant at connaught 4 dinner... (ps i dont even know what name is that)
(when we sedang chui-sui-ing at midvalley)
me: woi ar..where 2 eatt!! hungry lahhh weiiii!!
tanjason: FAN OK lor....
tony: okla..i know where it is...lets go!! weee
me: wanna go home 1st late d..lets go eat 1st la..
tanjason: FAN OK lar.. very fast one... very near also..connaught there...
me: i know lar u stay at cannaught ..but can we decide on a place 1st? aiyorr
auyong: okok lets go connaught..who follow whoo who who?????????
bla bla bla
(in tanjason's car)
me: eh..u really wanna go home first ar....what u wanna do there? u left something is it?
tanjason: we're going to FAN OK now lor....not going home lar..!
bla bla bla

(reached connaught)
me: EHHH..I SAW THE "FAN OKAY!" signboard..!!!!!! yay! we reached our makan place!
tanjason: oi..look 4 parking la silly girl....
me: EH??? eh eh eh? the "FAN OKAY" u guys were talking about since just now is a CAFE AR?? omg..i seriously thought u wanna go home first!!
tanjason: omgggGGGGGGG U STUPID GIRL! hahahahahahaahhahahahaahhaha
and he kept laughingggg the whole night..babi him wei.......
p/s: FAN OK= "fan ouk kei" translation=(go home) in cantonese...OMGGGGGGGG!!!!
i didnt know i was so dumb....aiyorr....!! hahaha
and yeah..we're at Fan OKay.....weird name though..
Chris Lim Chien Pong!
David Ong Boon Aun! lame feller

they two ar...very bad one lor..keep confusing me the entire night!! so teruk!!!!!! ishhhhhh


and more pictures of him to come..quite photogenic huh!
with his rocker hairstyle! YO MAN! haha!

AuYong Kok Seng ~ the pretty boy....u can never imagine how vain he is..hahahaha!!!

me: ill have the black pepper noodles please! (in cantonese)
waiter: u want the "hak hau hak mein?"
me: er...(**thinks** black pepper is black...oh!! hak = black....) YESS...hak hau hak mein
the rest: WAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA (laughing like crazy..)
p/s: cafe name edi weird....but the noodles are weirder!!!!!!!! arhhh

and hes on diet.....his dinner = chocolate milkshake? ONLY???
honestly..ill die..ahhahahaa

dragon fruit!! yoh!

teo kok peng and his LC face....cox he got the longest glass, cutest straw or stirer whateverrrrrr...and PINK!!!! PINKKKKKK ahhhh

looking good here!

seriously cant STAND u in this pic!!!! shall SIT! yer..lame ar!

TanJason and his cool tattoo!!! ! ahhahaha!

a mirrored wings! anime-ish!

Auyong sad? or acting cute? elehhh

we went to watch ANGELS AND DEMONS!! (im watching this for the 2nd time!!!!!!!) haha
and after that..bowling la..ahhaha! as usual xD
tony got the same as me?????? wahhahahahahahaha belanja makan!!!
tony, kokpeng and me!
kokpeng looks so funnily cute! hahahaha!

this is a sadddd picture...

ok..this is sadder...awwwww

act cute siall....hahahaa what a contrast...yeng leh this pic...

got conned by auyong 2 eat at SWEET few choices wei! and so..we ordered the same thing..HAHAHAHAHAHA! thats super lame wei!! maggie mee it though! =D
and tony's ex gf's bf now is working there...ooooopsss..
good choice of place!! !!! hahaha!!!

Ebenezer the ENERGIZER!! haahahhahhaahh called him that since we were like standard 1 man!!!! cute kan!

TeoKOKPeng! haha!! why x see teeth one! kedekut =p

SO THIN! some more on diet KONONNYER! hahaha

sorry tony...ive always known you as TonyChinPheanPuan...
seriously wei....haha!
tony: haiya..that stupid teacher go print the "PUAN" in my name tag! shit her man!!
me: WAHAHAHHA lame lor "Puan" so gay! hehe!
We look the same rite! hahhaah
and we're all from different colleges! awwwww!!!!
perpaduan bangsa? LOL!

and us...........but but but...
im not in T__________________T!

i cant believe that we still keep in contact and goes out every few months! hahaha!
really miss u guys man! xD everytime i look back at our primary school class photos ill laugh lor.. we use to play TING TING and TIANG TIANG! (aww...our personal favourite!) last time hands too short = more action and harder to get away without getting caught...
now........hands too long d..!! HAHAHAH !! whoever becomes the monkey will remain the monkey la..hahahaha!!!!!!!!!! but i wanna go back 2 SKTM and play though!
damn nostalgic wei!
and YEAHH!! missing the times where we have secret crushes on our friends.....our very FIRST CRUSHES... awwwwww... hahaha!! and its like all within the gang! wth! ahhaha!!! so funny lah when we joke about it now...
i miss shivanee sri, joannaMah, Stephanie, Mandipal (hes the coolest dude during primary years! and i mean it!!! haha!), MUNINDRAN ( er...i know u guys hate him ALOT..but i kinda miss him la..haha)
okla..thanks 4 listening though.....
p/s: i love u all!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


marie did this post in BLACK and WHITE....
because she is sad...
as she can only be friends with him...
and nothing more...
missing the times she dreamt of him...haih..
but that's fate right? cest la vie?
okay..her emo period is over d..
shes still young man!!!!! =) weeeeeeee!
and God will always love her although he don't! haha!
to my bestfriends: hugs! =)
i really needed that...
thanks liz for the hug jz now