Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A season of life!

Praise God for relationships!
Praise God for keeping my family safe and healthy!
Praise God for blessings!
Praise God my cousin brother graduated last week!
Praise God for miracles!
Praise God I gained 6 kgs in 7 days!
Praise God for rewards!
Praise God for my super satisfying results for Semester 2!
Praise God for friends!
Praise God I had the opportunity to meet up with my childhood friends in Australia!
Praise God for life!
Praise God for taking away all my worries!
Praise God for making dreams come true!
Praise God for abundance!
Praise God for good FOOD!
and not forgetting
Praise God for Christmas! =D

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tagged by ZYY

The last person to tag you is?

ZEREDA ZULKIFLI the zazu the zyy THE DADA! hahaha! lame!

Your 5 impressions towards her..

She looks Chinese (wonder if she's ever eaten...**without ppl noticing! HAHA! im so kiddin!)
Shes fun and adorable ..maybe a lil short? but heels will do =D
She annoys munfai chiam and chunsien alot!! xD so farnie! lol! running around class! haha!
She knows she loves me.. xoxo

The most memorable thing she had done to me...
She makes the best onigiris!! hehehe!! (WAIT! or is it her mom?) ..jadou.. but we would all finished it up and leave the bits for her..awwww!

If she becomes your enemy, you will...
cry? its not like i'm interested in HER kind of guys..HAHA! lolol i have weird taste..so..zyyy..DONT WORRY! hahaha!

The character of yourself is...
Four letter.. L_M_
can't guess? LAME lah! lol

The most ideal person you wanna be with?
I haven't exactly thought of that yet oh..not so crazy bout celebrities though..:p

10 people to tag:
1. joanne
2. khuan yew
3. shereen
4. vivian
5. kit yeng
6. wai kien
7. ji yang
8. wee kiat
9. yee jin
10. yew wai

Who is num 2 having relationship with...
JOANNE! hahahahaha! xD sweet couple oh ~

Is num 3 a female or male?
See the name oso know lah! haha! Female~

Is num 7 and 10 together would be a good thing?
Its not a good thing actually...1st~gays are..er..ERR..weird? haha! 2nd~ there are very lil guys left on earth so..3rd~ not so good for single girls..yeah..4th~no next generation?aww xD

How about num 5 and 8?
Seong tat will kill 8 and wai mun will kill 5! yeah..hahaha! no

What is num 1 studying?
Mass com at MY COLLEGE! hahaha! xD taylors pj~

Is num 4 single?
Yeah~ unless she didn't TELL ME! hahah!

Talk something about num 2...
my ktm kaki! HAHAHA! stays at Seputeh~ doin Computing at my coll too..~a guy..!
very lame one loh ..but of course I'm still the queen of L. no doubts to that ~

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

5A days ~

i might be as tall as BRIAN man!

the editorial room! our get-away place from boring classes! winloon cacat lo!! ..waimun~~

very lame lor!

me n yoong kit doin our LAME sign!! hahaha!
miss u sweeying, chewteng and catherine!!

my friends since STD 5 man!!!!
celine, wai wai, yee yee, shin nee, lavi, le zuan, li ann, emi and chan!!

** alicia n l'oreal's not here with us T___T!

PING KEE! the girl with the same bday as me =D hugs**!

credits to 6th NOV MAN!

nava, shalani n kalai!! std 5 buddies man! missing u 5 ZUHAL

ju ju ~

the so so very VERY LAME ppl from 5C n 5 D!!

abby so blur oh!

jason act cute lor!

we're so happy that we finished high school together!!!

kah ee, hsien-fei and wai ling oh!! sweet ppl =D

me n my bestie, wei suet since std 2!

denise, su SU and me!

denise! why close eyes!hahahah!!!

me n my paling pandai act cute punya classmates! HAHAHA!

kityeng, lockyin n catherine!!! miss our school corridor lah wei xD

win loon look so lame HAHAHAH!!!

chun sien n me ~


class tv!! no astro one..boooo!

lame boya cting cute

yoongkit, jiji and yatseng (bro's name is YIseng xDD) u know why la..blek

the crazy ppl in class

zaha n zahari so gay lo!!! omggg!!!!

ok..this looks weird..cox NEOH MEMANG GAY ONE!! david..becareful la boii HAHA

yatseng, kayn-u, chiam n neoh

my sweethearts ~ neesh and lavi

the ultimate BRA! hahaha! i meant brian xD haha!!!
me n lavi ~ my face so chubby!!!! hahaha!!!

when there's cameras around, whatever it is, he'll never forget to pose! go girl!
the BWAHAHAHAHAHA family! grandma and her two kids xDDD

me and zyy!!
neesh (the grandma), chiam (the mom), chun sien (the dad), zyy (ZEREDA!), neoh ( the grandson!!) HAHAHA!
lavinia ~ neesh ~ steph ~ chris
act CUTE!~
Us and our PHYSICS teacher oh!!
act only lah..book oso terbalik! HAHAHAHA! (my book lo! ftw !!)

neesh ~ me
the leng zai's..blekkk hahahaha!!!
ketua n penolong class (looks like shes pregnant lo!)HAHAH!
5 ANGSANA!!(class mural man!) ~ credits to winloon n the whole class =DThis is SOOO LAME LAHH!!!
our family ! really miss u guys alot~ it seemed like forever since we last got together man!!
so adorable oh!
cute star we made on winloon's table! HAHAHA! with his jap song lyrics all over!!


neoh spotted EATING IN CLASS!!!!!!! AGAIN....... HAIHH..
marie : i write yr name den u know ah!!!!

titanic? xD

sugar spice and everything nice!
FREAKY! hahaha! powerpUFF GIRL GANG! weeee

winloon n me keh poh chi lah !! haha we enhanced the picture kan winloon =D
zaharuddin..you're one lucky guy =D
my lovely teacher! pn G. SHARIZA!!! she ahs a "G" TOO!! COOLNESS!! SAME AS MINE =D
she's trying to be lala..suits her though! HAHA!
it took us 1 whole year to get a picture of azizah n faizal together..haih..
why didn't u smile FAI!!! ishhh.. (p/s : he loves her =D)
the girls ~~!!
shahrin n siti nuryanis ~i know u once had a crush on her..HAHAHAHAHA! stand closer mah
btw..i met her n her bf at the KTM this morning..what a coincidence man!
aishah the ROXY fan kick girl!!
zahari and hani..sitting on the tree...

fai SPOILED the cute pic lah! haha!!
mun fai ~ my "brother" who NEVER FAILS TO SLAP ME AT Least 5 times everyday ! teruk kan!! now its stilll going on..haha (p/s : my hands are not long enuf 2 slap hi back..YOHH)
David ONg!! hahahaha! slimmer now d man =D yay!
i miss u guys so much man~ Parthiben, shahrin, fai, zaha (gay EWWW), prakash n zahari! =D
u shaved!! im sooo so SO proud of u =D
The PRA and the PART! hahahahaha!! rocker man!
awww..kesian zyy..but NVM LAH..chun sien..u torture her je..HAHAH since she so bising in class **whoops**!
win loon and lavi's hobby! hahaha!
this pic is so weird man ~hahaha!
kit yeng, abby and me!!!! *prefect days! hHAHAHA!
steph!! =D
my classmates! weee!!!
the BRA is in the house man!!! HAHAHA!
1st time see BRIAN SWEEP THE FLOOR! OMG! is it snowing outside?
darling neesh and esther =D
shahrin ~
raja ~
zaha act CUTE~
faizal act innocent~
mun fai damn lame lah wei!! surprisingly it fits loh o.O
US girls ~
we love 5ANGSANA to the MAX!!!!!
Attempt #1 ANGRY
attempt #2 relax abit
attempt #3 HUGS !
attempt 4# GOIN CRAZYYY!!
attempt 5# CRAZIER EVER!!! hahaha!
5 A's MAGAZINE LAYOUT !! hehe! =D