Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30th July 2008

life is totally awesome!
same class with this someone..!
got his initials Lolol
i gotta stop now and start reading up on books..
if not i'll feel guilty for life!

Friday, July 25, 2008

3.10 am

College is resuming next monday!!!
On the 28th of July 2008!
The long holidays finally came to an end
So to keep me from rotting tremendously
What should I wear? WHOA..thats a huge problem..
In the end..will definitely go in t-shirt and shorts! lol!
The day..starting at 8 sharp
Leaving me no choice but to get up at 6
In hopes of catching the 7.15 train
Looking forward to more ktm members man!
My 1st day..not exactly 1st..but yeah..considered 1st for a new semester!
Job of the 11.50 gotta be ready at the auditorium !
should be exempted from classes then! XD
why? JULY INTAKE STUDENTS! oh! hawt guys!
me and some friends are assigned to bring groups of students to tours around college! my orientation times..back then in january..
God knows my needs..
Did some complaining about my doubts about college..bla bla..
sorryyy..and he gave me a splendid beginning?
my future peers..competitions..hectic lifestyle..
continues for another semester..
But..i really....
Loved every moment of ma life
No regrets!
Because every single day is a gift from God
And I just want to thank Him for loving me, caring for me, guiding me,
The small me, the zero me,
Sometimes I do wonder why such a wonderful and amazing God would love someone like me..
Christian Fellowship is starting again in the next 2 weeks!! whee~
Oh blardy..i gotta sleep! Enjoy life to the max..
Would not want to risk the next morning with panda eyes..

2.24 am

Holidays are ovahhh !
Sometimes I look forward to starting college again but;
Sometimes I wonder too, not being able to cope;
Sometimes I feel left behind; time;
But most of the time I wasted time;
Sometimes I feel good about myself;
But most of the time I feel intimidated by others;
Sometimes I cry to express my sorrows;
Sometimes I smile to hide my feelings;
Sometimes I compliment others;
But most of the time I don't compliment myself;
Sometimes I just can't imagine myself actually doing this;
But most of the time I look back and laugh;
Sometimes I wonder why do I have so many friends who care;
But isn't it good? I love each one of them wholeheartedly;
Sometimes I feel I don't deserve the attention;
But most of the time, attention comes naturally;
Sometimes I just like being alone; in the cold;
But most of the time I hated the cold;
Sometimes I try to be like others;
But most of the time I fail;
This is because each one of us is made special in the eyes of God;
Most of the time, I did things my way;
and that mattered the most,
being myself and;
not afraid of anything that comes in between.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fiona Loh
It took me SO long to figure out where 2 embed this html! LOL man!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Prayer

Faith and hope are worth a mention, but love is holding its position.
The Love of God.
And without his love, we will end up;
crying without tears,
screaming without voices,
and mourning without chances.
This few lines really touched my heart.
Inspired by a few friends.

Krystal's Tag!

Rules :
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tags back!!


1) I am a child of God but I do admit I am a sinner.
2) I have weird taste in guys.
3) I am the total opposite of all my girlfriends in terms of what we like/ fashion sense.
4) I cannot stand not talking for more than 5 minutes.
5) I am a perfectionist and would do anything including making my life miserable just to get the job done.
6) I don't multitask..or rather, I can't. I sing badly while playing the guitar but not, if done individually.
7) I don't like making decision as I am easily influenced.
8) I still have my virginity and first kiss.
9) I hold forks in a weird way.
10) I like doing things with a deadline to keep me away from procrastination; aka sleep.
11) I use 2 take 6 eggs per day.
12) I fart sometimes, but my dad and grandpa farts even louder. My longest was half a minute!
13) I was almost dehydrated when I was in form 2.
14) I'm very much attracted to modelling but I'm just not flexible enough.
15) I scolded a policeman because he was late ~ yeah..must prepare red carpets only he'll show up.

The victims : those who feel lame these days.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the momorable July 19

Yam Cha @ Old Taste after our steamboat dinner ! just opposite the restaurant !

its @ Maluri ~the place we use 2 go tuition together man!! ~ just across the street!

Kit yeng and me !

Sook mian and me

Yuen Cheng, Kityeng and me

lavi and sookmian perasan!! win loon trying hard 2 figure out what am I doing! haha!

yay! presents time! hahaha!!

our dai kar jie giving away the presents!! =DD

and they're SHOES! yay! although its bad luck in the Chinese's beliefs..but..who cares? we're living in a different generation people!

they're beautiful! love the colour !

the Birthday Card! hahahaha! which says.."Sang Yat Fai Lok!" ~Happy Birthday!

At my 1st glance, it looked very much like "Siong TAT "!!
sorry kityeng! hahaahha!
oh yuen cheng!! the "DARLING" is siong tat's message ah? OHHH!! now i understand!! =)
and I didn't fart ! trust meeee (innocent face) ahaha! xDD
although its an involuntary action and we cant control it..yeah..! hahaha!!

haha! evidence of me spilling my "Ximut LAI CHA" haiihhh...while we were singing happy birthday (everyone was LOUD)..hahah..i suddenly went..WHOAHHH ..spilled all over! Thank God i wore black.

shared drinks with yuen cheng !

they should have given me a replacement right! nah..kiddin xD haha



her hand literally divided the picture into 2 ! hahaha!
vertical and horizontal movement! cool-ness!

the cappucino CAKE ! AWESOME!

haha jiyang's blur face..looking for the fan?

cool right the arangements!

but kept going off..!!! see those hands covering the candles? ahahhah!


in mere minutes!

me, sook mian, abby, yuen cheng the pig and KITYENG! cannot see her eh! HAHA!


1. Taking out the phone!

2. Took it out

3. Eh? Left the credits behind! HAHAHAHAH! lame ehh!

Old Taste!! Wonder where's New Taste...!

i think its just a few blocks away!

Win Loon, kityeng and me!
bought her the shirt shes wearing now (below~body glove) last year on her birthday too!!

oops i think we took this pic outside the toilet ! hahaha!

the toilet bowl !

and yuen cheng's head! hahahahaha !

can u recognise this? whose butt? hHAHAHAHA

Before that
Had our dinner around 8pm @ a steamboat restaurant !! was supposed to meet up at 6.30,
but but but..
me, kit yeng, yuen cheng, lavinia, sook mian and abby were BZ SHOPPING at times square till tak nak balik ! hahahaahha!
we're so gonna do this again on the 10th of AUG!!!
but im brooke? T____T
sook mian, ejin and me

HAHA ! funni-ness!!

lets zoom on the nails..why one look left one look right one? haha!!

the CLEAN finger girl who is proud of herself! hahahaha!

jiyang so lame! HAHAHAH! farnie lah!!

laughed till intestines untangled edi!! xD

aiYOHH!!! which monster is this? STAY AWAY!!! hes WANTED!! xD

the poor egg

lavi and kit yeng posing!

* no comments * sweet!!


another one! can u spot TWO kit yengs?? hahah!

yuen cheng acting as model for teapot company ! xDD

see the hair!!! whooshhh

wow ada style..hahaha!!


more like ultrawoman =D

abby siao edi! looklook !

ji yang the lame kambing and me !

ABIGAIL TAN'S PHONE ! whoaaa!! **screamss*!!

win loon and me ! dyed back his hair black d lu!

HAHA the pots...and the piggy

me, chai jian and ejin

bday girl and me !

jiyang, me and lavi

tried to get rid of the glaring light but obviously failed! hahaahha!

the bill!! WHOA RM 12700?? we ate THAT MUCH? hahahha!!

RM 127.00 lah! lol!! =DD divided by 10 so each of us RM 12.70! quite reasonable oh..

but then..they don't have pigeons egg ! xp

lame : no ah..they grew into the size of the normal eggs ma! see..there are lots of them!

sook mian sampat-ing ! hahaha! and i had 2 sit next 2 her ! HAHAHAHAa!

you're gonna turn 18 next two week darling!!! HAHAHA..ready ah? =D

Way before that..met up at Times Square!!

I reached the earliest, then Sook Mian and Lavi came and we went 2 Food & Tea for lunch!

This Lavi $$ mah..then go atm and get loh..

when she came back.."wei ah..i forgot my number!!"

me and sook mian : FUIYOHH!! 6 digits only worr!! maybe its a special date or something...try 2 remember !! think harder wei!

lavi : you know hor..i suddenly changed my number last week...into some random numbers..

i thought that no one could guess random ones mah.."KAKAKA"

and i forgotten.. AIYOHHH EHH !

she failed..hahaha! kesian..but at least she have us to settle her bill for her..xD

Thank God for yr friends LAVINIA CHEW! no no..

its Lavinia bite..! HAHAHA! chew and bite! xDD lamee

the girls who cant resist not using the camera...

yuen cheng's nails! HAHAHAH! right nails sure uglier than left ones! hahaha! or u sengaja smear one ..dun bluff!! =D

the colours rock..these are called PUMPS..hahah!

us taken from below!

where's yuen cheng? haha! shes with her friends outside the shop~

p/s : I am really very thankful to God who gave me such close friends and I just want to let each and every one of you know that I appreciate every single minute I had with all of you. Absolutely no regrets. I really couldn't imagine going through my teenage years without you guys.
Thanks for being there.
Love the lame Rie