Sunday, November 30, 2008

12pm..HAHAHA im a certified pig wei!
its only a dream ok..
but its SO REAL!!! its as if i couldn't sleep last night..
stomach crams..totally horrifying..
p/s : its about me starving myself to death! o.OLOL!!!
i ate 2 PLATES of rice last night lo!
+++++ supper ok!
what a weird dream..................................
i need lotsa fooddddd nowwwwwww!!
vocab error : (rice!)
i love u shibi! *hugs*!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


My mommy

My peu jie and my mom! hahaha!

me ah..long way more to go man! xD

My other half...LOL! looking weird daddy!!!
fyi : my mom is not in this picture..HAHA so skinny lah kan..(not married yet =D)

Happy ending ~

~ Memoirs ~

When I was 1Guess who!! ME (smaller pic) and my DADDY!!! hahahaah!!!

hes huge...last time and NOW TOO xD (belly only lah ! nice to sleep on man)

When I was 2

When I was 3
I look like a boy..hahhahaha!!

When I was 4

Had been collecting lambs since young ~
I had my 2nd pet ~ SOYABEAN!!! 3rd ~chocolate milk 4th ~strawberry (yeah..all also rabbits!) 1st pet I had was A CHICKEN!!!! AND MY GRANDFATHER MADE IT INTO SOUP T_____________________________T

Me and my best best best friend since FOREVER MAN!

tag : Vivian Ng Huei Jing =D

When I turned 5

Daddy's head is twice of mine! NOT FAIR kay

I want to be a pilot ~ haha!!

When I knew how to pose ~ with my favourite red polkadot skirt

With my darling brother during Christmas~ gor gor I love u!!

When I grew stronger

And more SO edi.. hahah!!

When I was 6, I ALREADY FELL IN LOVE with bananas =D

Had much fun with bestfriend~ still are now

but I'm much taller! ahhahaha!!!

I learnt how to babysit ~ with my rocking horse with a mop as its hair..

Same same but different! hahahaha! Loved the old times man ~

When I use to stuff chocolates into my tiny little mouth

When I was in kindergarden..I lost both my teeth (SEEEEEE)

So chinese-syyy kan! hahaha!

There were rough times too

And times where I'm proud of myself for graduating from kindergarden

awww..SO CUTE! haahahhaha

When I was 7, I started standard 1

Me and Melissa Kow ~

When I was 8, I moved to another school ~ SK Taman Midah 2!!

Spot me! hahahaa!

When I was 9, I had a bunch of crazy friends !!!!

Those whom I still remember would be Teo Kok Peng, Ebenezer, MUNINDRAN (how can I forget him man).., David Ong, Tan Jason, SHIVANEE SRI!! (miss u babe!) Anis Nazira (tallest girl man! rachel LEEE...she can beat u d..)...Chris Lim (my bestfriend at college's boyfriend! haha!), Edward Vinodth! (u rock wei!) Tony Chin (my bestfriend's crush since std 2?hahaha!), Sharon Michelle (love u much!), Ku Nurul Izzah!!!!!!! mana lu pergi dah! haha! and lastly..

*wheres Auyong ah? different class ah? HAAHHA!*

Me and my favourite teacher in std 4


my cousin brother ~ HUGS !! handsome rite HAHAHAHAA chehh wahh

the times we used to have fun xD

When I was 10

Do I look like my mom now? hahaha!

When I was 13

When I was 15

When I turned 16

Yeah still 16...big change...

When I still had my long hair

When I was 16 mature??? nola..haven't grow up yet xD

When I was 17 +++++ my lame jokes got colder...

(fyi proof : im wearing 4 layers of clothing!!!!!) look down!!! xD

When I grew older, I got thinner, I don't know why and its not because I'm ANEROXIC

proof : hahahahahaha nah! my birthday present ...!!


yeah..i must have rice ~ no matter what..

When I turned 18, I just love taking pictures in my toilet

I'm getting older

= More time 2 camwhore? HAHAHA

Still that GANAS little girl
When I'm 18 and 20 days....
looking healthier than before!

In the future?


(its a joke btw..)
in case you really believed this..hahaha!!
i dont know what to say
BLURRR (no comment!) HAHA