Monday, February 23, 2009


The Truth about Marie and Driving!

What does she do when she sees a senior citizen signboard?
Segera memBUNYIkan HON!!!! hahaha!

What happens when her driving instructor enters the car?
He says: Good morning!
She'll say:
A. I tell u a lame joke! HAHAHAHHA!!!
B. Eh, very funny ar!! "piak piak piak!"(instructor: OUCHHHHHH!!!)
C. Turn to the ayam goreng stall!
D. Good night -.-

What happens when she suddenly hears a lame joke?
She'll HA HA HA pon pon pON!!

When she comes to a hill, she..
A. Immediately move to gear 5!!
B. Shouts AHHHHHH until it reaches the top! (increase force lah ok!)

When she gets into the car, she..
A. Immediately blast the music
B. Winds down the glass and says hi to the person next door =D
C. When it reaches the song "Outta my outta my........h e a d
D. She burps and listens to her lame joke tape ! *(recording!)*

When her instructor opens his hand, wanting a bribe..~
She hands him her LAME JOKE BOOK!Eh this book really exists one ok..its currently circulating around..!! with aaron/ sherman i guess (my lame seniors! haha!!)

When shes driving at night and shes sleepy.. She'll tell herself a lame joke~ Which city is the brightest?? And she'll answer.. ELECTRICITY!! HAHAAH!! (it works everytime..)

When shes SUDDENLY hungry, she...

A. Stops the car right in the middle and says, I'm hungry!!

B. Picks up the nasi lemak she hid under her car seat and starts eating!

okayy..........i guess i shall stop here xD HAHAA!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

1-1 scale model

STUDIO CONSTRUCTION is almost done!!

30% more!!!! yay!!! hahah!!!

thanks everyone for helping with this!!

appreciate it much~

p/s: at 7.00pm yesterday we found out that we ran out of WHITE GLUE!

ahhhhhh!!! and its 7 pm!!! lol!! hungry..still STUDIO-ing at studio..

haha! then me, douglas n jon zoom-ED to SUNWAY py just 2 buy glue!

ahhahaha! so funny!!!!

and ate at ("MAMA POOR" 's antonym)!! er..nvm -.-""!

haha! when we came back..

it was already 930!!!!!!!! ahh!!!

PM ok!!! not pass motion not padan "face" !!! lol hehe

and after glue-ing some parts ..

we ran out of TAPE!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


nah..we left it there 4 the rest 2 continue today when there's TAPE ..HAIH..

haih haih haih!! x1000!!!!

ok exaggerated abit..haha!!!

reached home at ONE AM plus!

i mean 1AM!!! AHHH!!


I got a call from my TE2 lecturer just now saying that my
TE2 research paper is one of the best!!!!

how cool is that!! HAHAHA!!!

something really unexpected man! (*cries*) HAHAH lol!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

what's large?

should i change my blog header to ....




p/s: denise and chai jian say my pictures very..i mean VERY LARGE wor!!!
-.-! hahaah!!! lame lor ok!

now i realized that the phrase "sweet little thing" VERY act cute lor..!!! noooo!!!!

should i
should i?

Friday, February 13, 2009

studio 1

1st assignment ~ STAGE SET DESIGN
title of play ~ An Angel but in the Dark!
~ Kate went out on a date with Karl and was murdered by him; stabbed 31 times in the face. Tragic. He confessed everything in the letter he wrote to her parents but denied the fact in court. Innocence. It doesn't make sense because all he wanted was her car and he took advantage of her vulnerability. Besides, there are some people who are among us, yet completely mad and we do not realize it. Yeah, I agree that Kate is responsible for her own fate. Death
Design Concept
~ phenomenology, in terms of intimacy, involvement and first-hand experience through maximun engagement with senses.
Journey. Obstacles. Encounters. Outcomes.
Curiosity. Questions. Thoughts. Confused. Self-interpretation. Various perceptions.
play of moods and feelings which evokes anticipation, vagueness and the feeling of being ambused through elements of light and sound.
Suspense. Intimidation. Messing with minds. Emotions.
Trapped in the play itself.
~ continuous flow of pathway and sharp angles for turning points during the climax.
Altering the intensity of cloths which are present in the pathways ~ solid white cloths in the beginning as the audience are still confused about the story; semi-transparent cloths, as the story began to reveal itself, leaving the audience with blurry images and own interpretations; and transparent cloths as the story unreveals eventually.
Stages ~ interesting and flexible props which engages the stage set with the audience.

p/s : hope it'll get chosen for the gallery! (fingers crossed Xx!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


rear window says : Design me! haha!!

* Open to all SABD and Design School students.
* Registration fee is RM2 only, to raise fund for SABD Dinner.
* Registration should be done before 16th of February 2009.

* Theme : Upon students' creativity. Must identify with SABD and Design School.
* Design has to include Name/ Student ID, Contact number and incorporate Taylor's logo (No limitation of size).
* Design has to be within the area of 30 cm x 20 cm, in only 3 colours
and in 300 dpi resolution.
* Contestants are allowed to submit as many designs as they like upon registering once only.

* There are 2 methods of designing : (i) Photoshop (ii) Sketching (A4 paper)
* Photoshop Designs can be submitted online to (e-mail adress will be confirmed soon) by 27th Feb 2009.
* Sketch Designs can be submitted into the submission box located at Program Office on 27 Feb 2009.

Prizes :

1st Prize :
* Free Participation in PAM/ ID CAMP 2009.
* Cash Prize of RM 150.
* Design will be mass-printed and sold.
* Vouchers.
* STEPS Book '08.

2nd Prize :
* Cash Prize of RM 100.
* Vouchers.
* STEPS Book 'o8.

3rd Prize :
* Cash Prize of RM 50.
* Vouchers.
* STEPS Book '08.

Consolation Prizes (x3) : Vouchers.

Registration Procedure :
Interested students can register with the following people :

Semester 6 : David Ooi.
Semester 5 : Najat.
Semester 4 : Linda.
Semester 3 : Jun Win.
Semester 2 : Lawrence.
Semester 1 : Nikketa/ Cindy.
FNBE (Foundation in Natural Built Environment) : Je Yue.

Contact Person :

Jun Win 0123178011
Lo Ki Jun 0123869130
Linda 0172432606

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Some stuff I did for Studio "monochromatic colour"
activity thing earlier today~
crappy strokes. favourite colour. pointless mind.
africa perhaps. freedom. in control.
and inspired by Jay Chou's Dau Xiang's MV? HAHA!