Saturday, August 29, 2009

the sweetest thing someone has ever done for me

Friday, August 28, 2009

its cold here in college!!!
**up and downs!!**
**twist and turns!!**
p/s: i accidentally used my student ID card to scan for TOUCH n GO!
stupid me *piak!* slaps myself!! ish!
//life without my handphone//
damn sad lar..
lihui aiman and shuren kept calling me some more...
felt so guilty wei!
wanna go yamcha with bestfriends after college also cannot call them
alarr! potong stim larrr
nak call mother jemput i kat LRT pun takleh
ishh geramnyer!!! going 2 eat now..BYEEEE xD

Sunday, August 23, 2009

and another one

Zhe Jun ^^ says:
my dad also very blur one
he "bancuh" a cup of hot milo

then he took another cup
he tarik here tarik there
tarik until syok already
then final time he tarik tarik straight tarik into basin!!!!!
then he laughing there himself..omg!
hhaahahah......he also don't know what he!!!!

retarded lor!!!!! HAHAHHA


It all started when we came to the topic of GOLF..
damn..the most boring sport to me. Sorry DADDY!

Zhe Jun ^^ says:
I have a golf set at my house in Subang wei!
lol...when your dad can't find golf club, you becareful wei..
suddenly he "take" you and hit the ball
den u : ouch!!

baru he realised that you're not a stick!!


p/s: the marie-ism is spreading....FAST!

by me

Piecing it up


C G I’ve been waiting for this my whole life
Em G F I’ve already seen it in your eyes but I
C F Know it’s all lies but this one time
G One time I know its true

C G And although you’re always right in front of me
Em G F I wish you’d just turn back and said hi to me
C F The stars isn’t smiling, the rainbow’s so far
G Boy I’m getting tired of you


F G So tell me that I am a fool
Em For waiting for you
F Em What am I supposed to do? but
F Listen to my heart
C G That’s all I could do


And I just tried to
F Em Find my way through all these tears
Am Em Cause I know I tried but I can’t hide the tears
Am F You fixed the broken me you complete me
G You pieced me together

G F And here we are, just you and me
Em The stars the sky the sea
Am Em Would you be my dreams my fantasy
F And more and more I know
G C G D F That I belong to you

by the riverside