Thursday, September 24, 2009


sis's hen's night!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

her last night out

had an awesome night!
with my "peu jie" and her ji muis!
went to itallianies @ the curve!
ate PIZZAS PASTA SALADS and some other starters!
we drank
her girlfriends gave her a tiara, a princess wand, a sash written
hahahah! a colourful feather-duster-wand!
a hand-made beaded necklace which my sis said she'll wear that when she goes diving a week from now!
had so much fun laughing our asses off
the waiters and waitresses can't stop but joined in our laughter
had her walk everywhere around itallianies with her tiara, wands, necklace and SASH!
and we ordered more drinks..drank again!!
headed off to laundry after that!
and again..we HAD TO DRINK!
not forgetting, a toast for the bride!
chatted and had her do many crazy stuffs!
requested the DJ to play sexy chick but instead he played a different song..ish!
so yeah, my sis is innocent..shy..? WHAT noooooo!
but guts to walk around laundry with her tiara and sash..
so in the end she just paraded round our table..
but we were extremely loud that everyone literally knew that she's the bride!
and again..the martinis are irresistable...
everyone half drunk by midnight...
one of them literally threw up..pity her T____T
im okay as usual.. not drunk at all..just a little red though
had my dad's genes fortunately!
went home tired and almost dead
and slept...
it'll be an awesome day tomorrow
i know it! =)

i love you peu jie!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this came really late .... hahaha!
(continuation of my taman negara posts!)

i seriously miss that jungle.. don't you!