Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm finally feeling the stress

please CARRY ON MARIE!!!

stop sleeping at weird hours
stop daydreaming
stop procrastinating
stop unnecessary thinkings just do it
stop falling asleep on your computer
stop eating too frequently as when youre tired you sleep
stop slacking
stop wandering around aimlessly
stop staring at your jaychou posters
stop reading the same articles over and over
stop playing the guitar
stop not homeworking
stop not believing in yourself
stop perfecting it
stop facebooking
stop blogging
stop sms-ing
stop looking out of your window
stop not concentrating
stop worrying

Sigh, this is all my fault for not understanding visionary architecture thoroughly. Yeah, I still don't but I'm trying my best to so I hope it'll work out somehow. Haih, signing off. Thanks for listening to my rants and good night.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spark in the Dark
Alice Cooper

It's only me and you ...For a little spark in the dark ...Just a little spark in the dark ...we need is a spark, spark ...Spark in the dark ...Just a little spark in the dark ...But don't you write it in your diary, baby...Don't blab it on the phone ...It takes a little friction, ...From a little spark in the dark ...Just a little spark in the dark ...As long as it is me and you ...We got a spark in the dark ...Just a little spark in the dark ...Spark in the dark ...Just a little spark in the dark ...we need is a spark, spark ...Spark in the dark ...Spark in the dark ...Just a little spark in the dark ...As long as it is me and you ...We've got a spark in the dark ...Just a little spark in the dark ...k leather dress and it's toasin' tight ...I need a spark in the dark ...Just a little spark in the dark
It Only Takes A Spark

Verse 1
It only takes a spark, to get a fire going.
And soon all those around, can warm up it it's glowing.
That's how it is with God's love, once you've experienced it, it's fresh like spring, you want to sing, you want to pass it on.

Verse 2
What a wondrous time is Spring
When all the trees are budding.
The birds begin to sing,
the flowers start their blooming.


Verse 3
I wish for you my friend
this happiness that I've found
You can depend on him
It matters not where your bound.

Last chorus:
I'll shout it from the mountain tops
I want the world to know
The Lord of Life has come to me
I want to pass it on.

This Is FREAKING Killing Me

Visionary Architecture

People need shelter, whether it a cave or a tent, a mobile home or a spaceship. Not having a roof over one’s head is a terrible thing, as the sight of streams of homeless refugees crossing our television screens every night brings home to us. This explains why architecture is one of the oldest and most important arts devised by humanity. And even its mythical originator, Daedalus, was a visionary architect, not only building the Cretan labyrinth but envisioning flying machines to escape the embroilments of this earthly life. His art became a program for his successors. When architects cannot build, or are prevented from doing so for whatever reason, they concoct architectural fantasies or write manifestos. A demiurgic ambition to reshape the world in accordance to their ideas has characterized architects since time began. Their activity combines a free play of imagination with a desire for order and meaning, spontaneity with a love of experiment and a scientific testing of new materials, forms, and functions.

Architecture is generally distinguished from its visionary, utopian, or fantastic cousin, the ideal city, science-fiction projection, or urban utopia, by drawing a sharp line between reality and fiction. According to this definition, what is actually built cannot be visionary. The distinction, I believe, is obsolete. By now, almost everyone will have realized that human imagination contributes materially to the construct or image of reality that we hold in our minds, and hence, that is no longer possible to draw a clear distinction between imagination and reality. Living in a period in which borderlines are being transgressed in every field, we should be prepared to question accepted aesthetic categories as well, to rethink them in terms of process, and to define them flexibly. In situations of political, economic, or cultural crisis, visionary thinking is especially important, because it enables us to challenge hidebound conventions and to open a path for innovative approaches and solutions.

Visions of even the most daring kind have at times been given real shape. If in the past these were usually castles or palaces, in the modern era they often take the form of theatres or museums, research institutes or skyscrapers. Or they have been the private aesthetic dreams of compulsive outsiders like Ferdinand Cheval, or of experimental creators of a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ like the Austrian architect Gunther Domenig. Frequently, political, economic, or personal difficulties prevent the execution of some carefully planned project, which is then relegated to the realm of fantasy. In this case, we speak of an ‘architectural vision’ rather than of ‘visionary architecture’.

This is all that I understood from what Visionary Architecture is all about and there's just something missing; specification of style and era; which I have yet to comprehend.

All for Architecture History 2

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


shuren says:
stupid face


SHU REN says:
can u do one?
do one!

me: xD ?????????


me: -.- whats wrong with that (xD) emoticon worrrrrrrrrr
*confused* he's weird..yeahhh..!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what a fool

marcus: i just noticed i wore 3 out of the 4 new clothes i bought
but i cant wear the 4th one yet cause must wear that to your house!

me: eh? ARE U EVEN COMING? no right? bising only! wear tmr lah then =)

marcus: FINE

me: wei? u said youre not coming over what!! said got something URGENT to do !!
how i know wor..


me: fooled by can this BEEEEEEEEEEEEE! nooooooooo
so youre actually planning to come all along?

marcus: Duh. Unless you dont want me to appear there lor!
Then i mai stay home alone lor!

marie: o m g when did i asked you guys to come over ar? 3 weeks ago?
omg..FOOLED FOR 3 WEEKS ! walaoweh youre gonnna kena i tell u!!!!!!!!!
i hate u...3 weeks! thought youre not coming!!
somemore put NOT ATTENDING!

marcus: >.<>
it was a surprise! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA but bocor dah x_x

marie: youre not forgiven WAHAHAHAHHA! kenalah on friday nanti! haha!

chui-ing shui at 4am

rie rie weeee! says:
Brian says:
Kit says:
Soon Chiat says:

wheres the U?

and according to BRIAN, today is BABI DAY!!!!! WEE!!!!!
YALA...they going for bakkutteh! hahahahaha!


Brian: lol i remember i slapped marie till cry!!! xD
me: got ker?
Brian: got....i reject you kan
u sakit hai ~
Kit: .....................
Brian: phew...almost wrong meaning! lalalallalala!

me: you guys dont chui SUI lahh...go chui FAN lahh then
Brian: .......... lalalalalalalalala
Kit: the sky is so blue
Jun: light very bright
me:fine lahhh like that lah now!!
me: -.- swt big time

imma be

rie rie weeee! says:
omg.. im addicted to the IMMA BE song now...
kept replaying it wei! HAHAHA!

Kit says:
imma be?
lemme check it out
black eye peas -.-
imma be imma be be a bumblebee? -.-

rie rie weeee! says:
omg u lame sial!!

Kit says:
your fault

rie rie weeee! says:
blame it on me lah now

Kit says:
cause you always lame with me
and my parents will disown me
no, my parents will slap u! haha!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

of trips and cousins

lolli lollli ooooo loll liPOP!
lolli lollli ooooo loll li lolli poppp........!! x)

and im addicted to yiruma - river flows OMG IM PLAYING IT EVERYDAY!!!
can memorize already even without scores! hahaha!
thanks to shereen tan!!! (Seeeee now its stuck in my head !)

weeee!! back from klang!! kaupo and kaukong (granduncle) looks the same, kaukong still sick on wheelchair....haih...hopefully he'll recover from diabetes =)
and i didnt get to see my cousins there T_____T my family went back on the 2nd day of cny though! ate loads and loads of BAKKUTTEH heheheheh! best sekali di seluruh klang valley man! no doubts!

and then we went back to malacca after that !
i bought 5 SHOES AT MAHKOTA PARADE! omg felt guilty..but nahh..its cny..LLOL!! HAHAHAAH!!! went back to see 'ama' and 'ahgong' !! hhaha! after that went to watch LITTLE BIG SOLDIER! hhahaha! wee!
and reached home around 2am in the morning O.O!
and i didnt know leeyong is from malacca..omg!

anyway, this year's travelling's fun!! with cousins and all x)
hahaha!! hugs them TIGHTTTTTTTTTTT! lots of love

weeeeee! cny angpows = dimsum = shopping = movie = architecture materials (dush! lol! wei! hahaha!)

and thats a wrap from me today =D
going out for 14blades now @leisure mall! tata !!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

and Valentine's over

Batang Kali

just reached home from kampung ! phewwwwww
got lost on the way back to Batang Kali this morning man!! O M G !
2.5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tiring...and the road's freaking winding that it got me dizzy! (pregnant?? wth)
we actually overshot grandma's place..hahahah! cant remember how many UTURNS we took already wei! haih...we're hopeless....
in the end had to call uncle to direct us back to grandma's place..OMG MALU SIALL! hahahhaha!
met all my couzzz, and dozens of aunties and uncles o.O
and we lou-d yee sang before we left!! HAHA! 3 packs IMAGINE THAT! OMG
p/s: i slept all the way
when i woke up, reach d lorrr...!!!!
HAHAHAHAHA! lucky man!
got fried zhu yuk, zhu keok chou, steam zhu yuk omg..all babis! my favourite xD
reached home around 1130 pm......

Friday, February 12, 2010

of phobias and JAWS

me: i asked him to go die, he go die....haih..

marc: LOL! you asked me! sure he do lor! HAHAHAH

me: awwww..hahah!

marc: try asking me to go die!







marc: am i dead yet?

let me try again!


not working it seems

me: HAHAHAHAH like your microphone lahh!

marc: HAHAH my microphone memang dead already. one of my brothers killed it -.-


why is everyone dying here?


marie's scared of ants

yuencheng's scared of dinos

kar kit's scared of cockroaches..but not very takut LOL

siong tat's scared being touched at the stomach

marcus's scared.................being happy haaha! xD kidding =D

brian's scared of sharks

kent scared takde porn

munfai's scared of dont know what!

omg funny wei!!! hahahahha!

10 10 10 1000000
brian's story.........

i tell u ar!! brian's damn funny lor!!

last time when they were at pangkor, then got boat trip! on the boat right,

he kept on saying hes DAMN SCARED GOT SHARKS!!!

*mimics jaws with hands, biting a boat*!!!!!!!!!!!"

HAHAAHHAHAHAHA OMGG (im rolling off my chair now)

thanks for listening ~

haih..whats with females and boobs la

me: coollllllll!!! i like visual stuffs!! make sure you make me your model next time!! hahaha! kidding xD

kit: basics...female model must have boobs

me: ..................................................i hate you now! go die

kit: you don't regret...ima jump off

me: bye bye

anonymous: *splat* kit is dead
i can see his brain from up here!
well, what's left of his brain anyway! haha!

Marcus says:
Kor kor belanja u lollipop

me: yayyyyy my lollipop kor kor

Marcus says:
Who said i'll give you lollipop

me: alaaaa...i hate u again haha!

Marcus says: Tipu you only

conclusion: marc, youre such a sucker wei..hahaha! and you know it! XDD haha!

lame 711

Kit: i.......
me: insomnia??
Kit: tak tau, don't feel like sleeping
me: haahhahahaha! then go shopping!!!! (lol it rhymes xD)
Kit: u pay for me?
me: go 711 and thats the only 24 hour shop hahahah! FUNNY LAHH pay for u!
Kit: holy shit -.- thats like the lamest thing i've heard in a while haha!


Kit: oh my damn lame..................and i fell for it
i really thought you ask me to go shop........................................damn you

Kar Kit:
im twenty and girlfriend-less
shit im 20! (too old..HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA)
nineteen and boyfriend-less

i emo already!


knife cuts like a knife
how will i ever heal
i'm so deeply wounded

knife cuts like a knife
you cut away the heart of my life

when i pretend when i smile
to fool my dearest friends
i wonder if they know
its just a show

im on a stage day or night
i go through my charades
but how can i disguise
what's in my eyes


us and mushrooms

Dear marcus,

knife, cuts like a knife (like......D U H !) hhahahhahhaha!
w t h is wrong with u man! hahahaha!
dont emo kay =D jie jie teman u eat charsiu haha!

and he asked me to poke mushrooms at the corner T______________________T
i hate u marc...

whats with us and mushrooms anyway! hahahaha!

but he himself walked to the corner, sets self comfortable, saws mushrooms and then pokes it!
hahahahahahhahaha w t h man!!

i really hate him for this.....
Marcus: LOL, just kidding, I'M GOING. not. HAHA!!!
haih..anyhow..ill still hate you ....anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy charsiu! wee!
didnt get to eat charsiu today la..
apparently marc, tat and fai hated that charsiu place that i like in connaught ishhhh!
so we went for chee cheong fun @pudu instead! then headed down to TIMES SQUARE!

OMG..i saw chun kiat and he bumped into kok kuan there! what a small world man!
too bad the girls are not free today..haiihh!!

weeeeeeeeeeeeee college tomorrow! working drawings...omg NOO!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Every labyrinth has a felt of the wind
In that gentle voice I felt the wind
Leave this room of loneliness and solitude
The key to the riddle is always in your hands
Solely up to you
Enveloped in the infinite sky
That is where we'll live
If we open the door and fly out
We'll head into the future
Somewhere new
Perhaps colourful?
Where I'll find you shining