Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stars Falling Down

C G Am F
I think that the stars would have waited for us
C G Am F
Hanging on to the night, watching down below
C G Am F
Until we were hand in hand, together waiting for them
C G Am
And when I open my eyes I saw it too
Stars falling down, when I fell for you
C G Am F
I love you, I love you. I do.

I think that the clouds like the laughter between us
Wanting to feel the warmth they're softly sinking down
Until the cover the streets just like a dreamland
And right above us they part so that I see through
Stars falling down, and I fall for you.

I love you, I love you. I do.

Friday, March 26, 2010


There is only one thing that I love,
And that is the sky, far above,
And yes, there is plenty of room there in the blue!
For castles of clouds, and me too!

Have you ever wondered why is the sky blue?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

To reach you

Just as usual when I turn around that corner,
I merge into a sea of people,
And melt away into nothing.
I lose myself completely and can find no words to say.
Yet, one thing still remains, still remains…
Your voice.

Everything about you, your smile, your anger,
Keeps me walking forward.
If I just look up, where the clouds start to break,
I think you know what I mean, I think you do know what I mean

My life has been vague, my heart has been raw.
Over there, look, up ahead…
A dear person is there.
If you get lost, I will be your guiding path,
Only if you believe, making sure of its ways, without fear.

Light gathers, shooting across the sky, it understands you.
And the path we walk, will shine brighter,
Wherever it goes, wherever it goes,
Wherever it goes…

Wherever hair, voice, mouth, fingertips meet,
For now, this is just fine.

Michi to you all

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


What so nice about crying? Tears, tears and more tears...
Why waste energy crying when all you need to do is sleep and regenerate youself?
Why do we cry when we're stuck? Or when we have no idea what we're doing?
Will it create miracles? Like that will
Ended up worrying your loved ones. Which I hate. Very much.

Raindrops falling incessantly
Each time I think the skies are letting out
Should we let out sometimes as well? We should I guess.

Cry only when you're in the rain, as no one will notice you
Cry as loud as you want to, as no one can hear you
But don't touch metal lar, as if you did, no one will ever see you again

5531 today

Who reads my blog anyway?
A wasted day, yet not so wasted after all...

I spoiled the day
Hotly, in haste
All for the calm hours
All for the mornings and nights in the chilly lab
I gashed and defaced, wrinkling up my little face
Whatever lar wei..

Let me forget, let me embark
Let me sleep for my boat and sail through the dark
All for lineweights and scales, all for perfection and precision
Which spoilt my day, why didn't I check through it first?
Carelessness, as usual, Blur, yes I know.
All for my sleepiness, and procrastinations, last minute works..
Why did it disappear? Or why didn't it appear?
Blardy plotting and layouts..did no good to me, but for all that is,
I've completed it, though it wasn't good, it's good.

Why do I have to emphasize on this?
But YALA....I spoiled my day lar..
But i seriously did not spoiled the school's plotter! Haha!
Went out to print instead and yes i did submit, though 40 minutes late
But the sky will always be blue, I'll always be good. Not on time, but still 'on time'
*Thanks Ms. Alina*

Felt like screaming, felt happy, felt restless, felt like running in circles
I got saman-ed at 12.22pm
When I actually got into my car at 12.30pm
What a day..
Off I went to repark, then rushed for Studio
Did nothing yesterday, made nothing, thought of nothing, didn't want to think of anything..but I did crapped up something and Mr. Ian liked the theoretical concept behind it, though I'm not sure what exactly am I presenting about, but hey, I've got my direction right already...
I supposed! x)

Ended the day with green tea ice-cream, times square, drizzles and knife cuts like a knife. Happy. Guess my day isn't wasted after all.

All for one day. What a mess...

Sunday, March 21, 2010


studio kantoi
model kantoi
history kantoi
working drawings kantoi
project management ok lar haven't kantoi

and i'm listening to zee avi's kantoi

that's why all kantoi lar! hahahahhah!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

starry starry night on a starry starry night

*playing vincent's starry starry night! hahaha!
but i'm not painting pallettes blue and grey lar x)
emofying lar now!
autocad cannot use at all and submissions on tuesday x(
There it floated...

Among the birds and clouds at ease,
Of others all unnoted,
Swimming above the ranked stiff trees,
And I lay down, looking up at the sky,
The clouds and birds that floated,
But others still unnoted,
And that swaying kite,
Specking the light,
I look up at the sky.
why my autocad crashed T_____________T!

The only features left are, FILE, EDIT, AND HELP!!!!!!


college T_T

Friday, March 19, 2010

A can of coke... destress ~
. save me please!
I'm ranting again...

...but it's nice. Odds are, no one will see this, no one reads my writings, but y'know what, whatever, i'm getting it out there and that's what should matter in the end. when you rant TO someone you risk getting interrupted and losing your flow and losing the rant itself. This way it's all me and all rant. The end comes when i run out of things to rant about or i feel like it. Smple as that. Screw grammar and spelling. I wonder, if its not for the language we have and we use in our daily lives, what would our thoughts be like? babies don't know a "language" or so we think and yet they can think right? but then again what is it to think? is it different for everyone? I know i hear a voice. but i don't really HEAR it y'know? it's just... there. It's mostly just the voice. A voice that isn't a voice, alluring me to bed everytime -.- Nonetheless, its nice to know that you're not forgotten in your sleep. In your dreams you dream of sorrows, fear and fright but when you wake up knowing that someone's waiting for you at the other side of the line, you'll somehow forget about the sorrows, fears and frights..that everything'll be okay when you wake up. that everything will be fine when you hear his voice. that everything'll be back to what it used to be. its just somehow right with my soul. Maybe that's what a non-voice is? The soul. I mean do we really know we think with our minds? Well maybe we do but that thought may be the soul speaking to us. That would be the defining feature of life i think, the soul. All living things must have one, it's what makes them alive y'know? plants, animals. If it's alive it must first have a soul. Then what happens when we die? To our soul? It's not really anything that we can define or see or touch or anything right so what happens to it? Maybe everything exists because of the soul? Life itself is part of a giant spirit let's call it. We die it joins back up to teh whole and then splits off again to form a new being. The universe is huge how do we know what else is out there? Maybe it's all connected, we're all connected, through the soul. Why so avatar? HAHA! It makes sense to me, screw loopholes and fallacies (whatever those are). We live in the 3rd dimesion they say, they say the 4th is time. maybe the soul is a 4th dimensional being trapped in a 3 dimensional form? the soul can be "reborn" as anything at any time. it helps explain deja vu as well kinda. or those dreams that never seem to make any sense. they're just teh memories of the soul. And in a sense our connection is even greater because we're all one but not. Since we don't know what happens to us when we die no one can really disprove this theory right?

I used to... more books then... maybe becuase everything was more interesting? more likely i've just lost interest in many things. lots of things. everything? it's getting there... it will one day, i'm pretty sure. it's not a fun thought =/ but i guess that's life eh? what's life? what's death? what IS anything REALLY? do we "exist"? what is it to exist? how'd this life of ours begin, where's it going ,why is it here? maybe there are answers maybe there aren't... what if everything means nothing? if it's just like a movie you watch then never think about again? maybe that's all we are, a movie a book a play whatever for some other... being or form or who knows what. when it ends, will anyone care? how many times will it be rewatched or reread? maybe that explains deja vu? deja vu is a pretty fancy thing, it's creepy kinda but it's really cool too. i always enjoy it. now i can't tihnk of anything to link off that so I think the rant's done for now...says it's on March. 20th, being tomorrow. Whatever, doesn't really matter much i suppose. I feel sick to my stomach. Last evening was fun for the most part, a soothing experience as a whole. too bad it ended with drizzles, then emo songs all over. Something we both liked very much. But it's just too much for me. I don't want to listen to it because i just want to be happy but i just love listening to it. Crap. shyt.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a day...

Went strolling in the park again today! haha! And yeah, we got lost many times; each time reaching dead ends and unfamiliar routes. Damn, I should know the way right? Since I'm the one staying there for the past 13 years! HAHAHA! And here I am, lost, walking around aimlessly, looking at trees. Yes trees! I like the way they all differ in texture, length and language. They're just awesome and inspiring to look at. I could have just sat on the grass looking at tress all day =) especially when it's in the evening where the sun's not that bright anymore! Freaking hawt man today but thank goodness there's wind! yay! Oh yeah, I wanted to lie on the grass and fall asleep there but there's ants T___________T *horrible creatures x(* okay lar..they're not horrible, they're just FREAKING HORRIBLE! so yeah, we walked and walked and walked >>>the park's huge! the last time we went, we just wandered along the playground area and never ventured deep inside. I did lar, not him. And my guitar's heavy! sigh! Stopped near the lake with round tables alongside. Took some rest there, played guitar and sang, watched the ducks and fishes in the unmaintained pond, uncles jogging and uncles changing. EWW. One of them actually peed in the bushes WTH! *pukes* The whole day was freaking emo. We played emo songs, some beatles, well, I play emo songs HAHA and rested our heads on the table. Then, went back down for some drinks; as we had nothing to do already. And went back ...walked on the stone path! HAHA! I cannot larrr.. after the first few steps I gave up and ended up walking the path with slippers! x) My feet couldn't take the sharp shones!! Later, went back for drinks! And this time, the pakcik asked us to play some songs for him as he saw me holding my guitar. So yeah, the day ended with that =) Sat down next to his stall and he played loads of songs for us! Mostly malay songs like 'teratai' and 'bintang di syurga', rock songs - metallica and what not. Alot more we didn't really know the lyrics and all. Sweet child of mine, fade to black! Damn pro wei the way he played although he told us he stopped playing 5 years ago. Was in a band that time - guitarist (electric/base) and vocalist! Cool huh! It was entertaining to the people around and there's this small little boy about say 7 years old who sat beside us the whole time listening to the pakcik play! He seems very interested in it =) I asked him whether is the boy his son? But he told me in a song, 'that kid is not my son'. LOL! michael jackson! HAHAHAHAHAH! then it started to drizzle a bit so we told him we should make a move and while walking to our cars, it started to rain a little so i ran with my guitar and made it right on time before it starts to rain! Thank goodness! It ended nicely. Not emo at all. Was very stressed up the day before and i kept sleeping at wrong hours. It's just VERY WRONG! Feeling totally restless and hopeless in my work. Indeed I was happy today but when i got into my car and turned on to channel 6, Lite Fm, the first song played was....

knife, cuts like a knife
will i ever heal?
i'm so deeply wounded, knife
cuts like a knifeeee

O M G emoness....back again..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
But the song's nice lar! Just that, why lah no happier songs! hahaha!
Plus, its raining.
Raining + Knife cuts like a knife + driving alone + jam sikit = oklar......
But that'll still ended nicely.
What a day..

Signing off =) I shall continue my working drawings now.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

His. life.

I want to end the day faster.

I just want it to.
And everyday of my life to be shorten to an hour a day.
Make it a second a day.
Or easier, a breath representing a lifetime.
And ends as I exhale my only breath that I take.

Cause I couldn't see anything positive.
I want to give up.

I would like a bullet through my head now.
Or train come crashing through me.
Or the Empire States tower slipping and falling on me.

I don't like this.
I dont like that either.
But I couldn't help it.

I wish everything would've gone right for me.
That my path would be straight.
But sometimes its just to hard for me to get through it.

~cited emoguy

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lord, hide me in that secret place under the shadow of Your wings, for when I am weak, then I am strong
God will make a way...

God will make a way if we cast all our fears, dreads, rants, sorrows, griefs, distress, burdens, troubles and regrets onto Him. There is absolutely nothing to fear as He is always there to lead and guide us as we carry on in life. Put your trust in Him, don't lose hope as He is our only hope. Continue to have faith in Him as everything is under His control. Please God, let us be a generation that seeks you; that seeks your face; let us not lift our souls to another. Pull us back into the path that You had laid for us long before we were even conceived. Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts, cleanse our hearts, though we are sinners. In trouble times, speak to us. Let us hear your voice, let us see your face as we read your word. In times of distress, give us peace to rest our hearts. These few days had been harsh for me as I grief every night, believing that I'm good for nothing, that I'm slacking whatever I do, that I'm just not good enough, that time is running out and here I am staring blankly at the solemn skies not knowing what to do, and what should be done. I need your touch Lord, I really do. Bless me with joy and restore me with passion and soul as I know that you have not given up on me, thus I won't give up on myself as well. Renew my life Lord. I do not want to be the same. Renew my life I plead. Place your heart inside of me, in my life and thoughts, there are so many things that need the change of that and only your love can bring. All I need is to be transformed wholly into your likeness. Change this heart inside of me. More than anything. Yes, more than anything, I love you. More than anything, more than worldly wealth, more than life itself. Nothing in this world can take your place, or ever take your love away. And someday I'll look into your eyes and say

Lord I'm hungry!

*not literally hungry lah - u think kai fan kah fan meh? HAHAHAHAH!

Hungry for a move, thirsty for your touch. Touch my hands and my heart. Fill my life again Lord, every part of it. Let the power of the Holy Spirit fall on me, anointing fall upon me...

God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me

He will be my Guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength
For each new day
He will make a way
He will make a way

By the roadway in the wilderness
He'll lead me
And rivers in the desert will I see
Heaven and earth will fade
But His Word will still remain
He will do something new today

Dream a While with Me

I dream of rainbows, bright in the sky,
I dream of lightning, together we cry,

I dream of flowers, I feel such delight,
I dream of ants, and I scream with fright,

Stay with me forever and together we’ll cope,
Because when I dream of you, I dream of hope,

Dream awhile with me and together we’ll see,
Dreams filled with creams gleams.

Cathryn Martin

*ant/ ants are horrible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 John 4: 12-13

No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. We know that we live in him and he in us, because he has given us of his Spirit.

Trust in Faith, as..

Fear says: WHY GOD?
Faith says: WHY NOT?

Imperfections, that's what I am; Confusions, just to get sad

The moment I can't pretend
The sorry I should have said
The thought of you being in despair
Tears my heart up right away
I just wasn’t prepared

The one thing I’ll take with me
The eyes that smile so tenderly
Every time I think about you
You make everything seem right
You make wishes come true

Juwita Suwito

Monday, March 15, 2010

Who can strain the blue from the skies?

I tried to grasp its beauty
It eludes me
Leaving only the body in my hands
My bare hands...

Baffled and weary I came back
Wondering and pondering
How can the body touch the flower which on ly the spirit may touch?
Old and Barren...

Young and hopeless...
The boy who has no future...

~ Marcus Sia

*comments* why so emo lar
Frozen tunes...

Everytime the chill wind blows past my fingertips
Reminiscence of your hair upon those skinny tips
I can hear your laughter in my ears
Though you had eyes filled with tears

I want to run there and hug you
My legs frozen
I hugged my teddy bear instead
My lips frozen
More than words could ever say
My tongue frozen

All that my heart could ever state
Words I could never say
Words that aren't right to say
For all that you would want to say
For all that you would want to hear
Though you would love to say
But its just not for me to say...

Don't look at me like that..

Lift your head look at me just be yourself
That is what you said to me with a smile
Every labyrinth has a way out
In that gentle voice, I felt the wind
Leave this room of loneliness and solitude
The key to the riddle is always in your hands
It is up to you
Enveloped in the infinite sky that is where we will live
If we open the door and fly out somewhere new
In a place that will hang the future
You will…
Blowing everywhere it is~

Peace like a river
Love like a mountain
Joy like a fountain
Healing spring of life
The wind of your spirit
Blowing everywhere~

Sunday, March 14, 2010

dreaming of my little cottage in the open land~
Of Parks and 3G

rie rie weeee! says:
aku nak pigi taman! nak jogging?..
you guys nak join? haha!
the girls belum bagi tau lagi!

Kent says:
Pigi taman je lah then..buat apa nak jogging ?

rie rie weeee! says:
u bolehke?
ok lah pergi taman je

Kent says:
I jog around my house.

rie rie weeee! says:

Kent says:
Tak mau sengaja pigi jauh jauh jog lo O_o.

rie rie weeee! says:
You jog dari rumah u hingga ke taman kat rumah i lah! HAHA

Kent says:
Okay..jau gam lah.
I jog then 3g it to you.
You play the video while jogging.
Then it'll be like I teman you =D

rie rie weeee! says:

Kent says:
I got a pro sifu =D

rie rie weeee! says:
cehhhh wahh

Thursday, March 4, 2010

working drawing's AWESOME! YAYYYY!