Sunday, May 24, 2009

reflection upon oneself

our days are numbered..
one of the preachers in my church told us the story of a young boy who was blind. He sat at the side of the street every morning, along with a broken bowl and a sign which states, "Please help me, I'm blind", but all he gets was a coin every hour or so, or maybe not get any at all. One day, a man saw him and went towards the boy's directions. He picked up the sign and wrote a few words on it and walked away. After that, coins begin to fill up the boy's bowl. He was curious and did not understand why.
On the same day as the man walked along the same street again, the boy immediately called out to him as he recognised his footsteps, "Sir, were u the one who took my sign and wrote something on it this morning? The money kept coming in after you left! What exactly did you wrote on it?" And the man replied him, I only wrote a few words....
"Today is a beautiful day, but I cannot see it...."
It touched my heart so deep that it made me wonder what actually happens at the other side of the world which we do not see or hear or care less other than ourselves?
Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by the needs around me. When we're riding in the car, I look out and see a homeless person at the corner begging for change. When I turn on the TV, there's another commercial about the starving kids in Africa, their eyes hollow, their stomachs big and bloated. How can I help these people? I feel like my little bit of change won't do much for them. It might help temporarily, but what about tomorrow?
Lord, I know you have a heart for the needy and that your own heart aches when you see people hurting. And I know it pleases you when I feel that same compassion for others, when I stop and listen to someone's who's hurting and mneeds to talk or when I give generously as the offering plate is passed to help a family in crisis. Thank you Lord for the loving kindness you pour out on all people. You know the heart-cry of every person, and you are always waiting to help all those who ask.
Have any of you ever wonder what does love look liks?
Let me tell you this, it has hands to help others!
It has feet to hasten to the poor and needy!
It has eyes to see misery and want!
It has ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men!
And that is what love looks like!

night at the museum!! xDD

my gang! =DD!! after makan during BRian's farewell ! hahahah! cool pic rite!!! haha!
but took like 30 mins to set up the cameras PLUS orientate the 7 cars!! lolll!!!
banyak giler..and its like 12am d lorrr!!! xDD
i miss u brian T_____T!
lots!! *hugs* (although im boney..hahaha!!)
yesterday @ pavvi after watching NIGHT at the NIGHT!!!!!!!!
nick, chaijian, kityeng, me me, yuencheng, yeejin........!!!! weeeeee
too bad abby, waimun and sookmian couldn't make it!

camwhoreeeeeeeeeeee sessionnnnnsss......unconuntable....
we just can't stop taking pics!!!! typical girls lah we! hahaha!!!
we arrived there around 8pm..and tickets were all SOLD OUT! aite!
should've booked earlier lor!
so we waited for the tickets to be released! haha!
and cool enough..we got em! xD

GRAND + MAMA = grandmama!!! hahahaha!!!!!! err.. lol lorr xDD

nick retarded! xDD!!
us outside the cinema!

spot the difference? or spot the pig(s)>?? HAHAHAH!!!!!!! XDDD

after watching night at the museum 2..........
i spotted an aeroplane!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! @ TGIF!
and the jakun.... hahaha!

ok..shes falling...! haha!!

eh eh..see the guy back there...whats he doing man? HAHAHAH! so random lorr...
haha!!! i darken YC's face...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHH dowan see u larr woman xDxD

and......nick's in the girls toilet camwhoring with us? haahhaha

i met a whole bunch of people today wei! hahahaha!
justin, winshen! and his friend! (sem4 one! justin was wandering ard i think! haha..whereas winshen n his friend were working at the cinema LORRR..!!! should've asked them 2 get tics 4 me next time! haahha!! ))
i met 3 of my juniors from highschool! awww..miss those days man! ...
and 2 of my tuition buddies!!! hugs!! K-Vin and Sze Jian!!
met my church friends too!! makan-ed dinner with them!
and also..JUNWIN!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ahahaha he was with 3 of his buddies at wong kok there la..and i just walked pass him lor.....!!
i didnt know until he called my name..haha..paisehh!!


had our usual late night gathering at punsan (our mamak! cehh!) last friday!
and i had to leave early T_T! sad giler wei!!
the lelaki yang selalu act cute punya! xDDD!!!
busybody ppl wei u all....go read ppl's sms! HAHAHAHA!!

winloon very funny lorrr! HAHAHA!!!

kit, kent, hock khuen and abby!!!!!!

kit so cute xDD! kent spoil the picture man! hahaha! kiddin xDD

and the gay partners..... -....-!! SAME SHIRT SOME MORE WEI!!!! hahahaha!!!

kityeng fixing her hair part 1

kityeng fixing her hair again part 2

part 3- kityeng and her hair ....cannot be separated...HAHAHAHA!!

half of the complete family...

Samurai !!!!!!!!!

abby, me and kityeng! =D!!

we'll miss u lots T_T! u take care kay! after i get my license ill drive to Kampar to visit u and jiyang! hahahaha!!!!!!! xD

kent act cool! xD side view chun wei ! eh....i din bluff ok! u're really half yr original size d lor!!!!! hahahah!!!! dont deny la..xD

y so shy larrr! haahah!

abby with her shuin mui! xDD

Friday, May 22, 2009

quan's ice cream house =D!

im already missing u guys so much!!!
p/s: black n white is so cool! hahahah!!

9 of us zoom-ed to QUAN cafe last tuesday for abby and jiyang's farewell

sad wei!!!!
bought them each a comforter xD awww!!!

and weekiat's face is chopped off! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!
sorry bro..i sengaja one! hahaha xDDD kiddin xD

duno y i kept shaking!! aite !

future billionaire or failure to become a billionaire? HAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!

Yuen cheng, abby, me, sookmian, waimun!!! and half jiyang -.-!!! haha!!

p/s: i love u all!!! hugs banyak banyak!! =D
i took many more pictures actually...jiyang larrr! send half to me only! hahaha!!!